BY-HEALTH: The Nutrition Exploratorium Launched in China


ZHUHAI, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On July 23th, 2019, BY-HEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium held its opening ceremony in Zhuhai Sanzao District. Many industry experts including Nobel laureate in Physics, Kip Thorne, attended and shared their understanding and expectation for the future of personalized health management plan.

The BY-HEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium, built at the cost of 100 million yuan, is nutrition-themed mixed-use for education and recreation. Overlooking from the air, the Exploratorium is a “Mobius ring,” the idea comes from “Mobius strip,” meaning the spirit of infinite exploration. Using cutting-edge technology and high-end immersion demonstration design, the Exploratorium brings advanced nutritional knowledge and high-end physical examination to the audience.

The BY-HEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium is consisting of the “Foreseeing 2050”, the Cloud Health Center , the Children World, Art Space and so on. In these areas, visitors can gain nutritional knowledge from the relaxing game experience.

For example, the “Foreseeing 2050”, through the immersive science interactive experience, shows the details of sleep, diet, psychology, physical fitness, etc.

The Cloud Health Center has big data processing systems, high-end health testing equipment, and professional dietitians, which create a new experience of health management. Visitors can enjoy eight testing services, including genetic testing, mental stress analysis, and chronic disease risk assessment.

According to BCG, Chinese customers are at the top of the world rank to purchase nutrition products. As an industry leader, founded in 1995,BY-HEALTH invested 100 million RMB to build Nutrition Exploratorium to provide new health services to Chinese customers.

BY-HEALTH first introduced dietary supplement system to China in 2002 and has adhered to a differentiated global quality strategy for a long time. It cooperates with a number of raw materials suppliers in 23 countries and regions to produce high-quality nutrition products.

In 2018, it acquired many overseas companies such as Life-Space, a well-known Australian probiotic brand, and Penta-vite, a children brand with a over 70-years history. BY-HEALTH also established a “collaborative innovation R&D cooperation platform” with the world’s leading research institutions and global raw materials suppliers, such as The Rowett Institute University of Aberdeen, BASF, The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Fonterra Co-operative Group, Indena (Italy), Royal DSM, and Bioberica S.A.U.

The BY-HEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium meets Chinese people’s demands for healthy life and demonstrates Chinese companies’ technological strength and innovation capabilities. The BY-HEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium also shows that Chinese health industry is changing from a general solution to personalized health services. In the future, BY-HEALTH will continue to lead the trend of customized health management, activate” health” curiosity of Chinese people, and start the journey of “nutrition” exploration.


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