Busting the Gate of Financial Disaster

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a peaceful evening. My name is Mark Mayr. I have toured the world and lived in nine different states here within the greatest nation of the world. I have also attained degrees in Nutrition and Food Science from Utah State University, Management at Penn State University, and Investor Relations from the University of California.

It is my intention to bring you all to the awareness level that can help you understand the disaster this country is facing. That is not only financial collapse, but currency collapse as well. I am working to help a few individuals here in my local vacinity. After having worked with many professionals in several different fields, I found it necessary to try and improve “understanding” of these crazy days in finance, and helping others improve their financial net worth.

After graduating from Utah State University, I moved to Wisconsin. Big mistake. It’s colder than here in Utah in Wisconsin! Anyway, I figured out that working back breaking labor wasn’t necessarily to the way to accrue financial success. So I began researching the stock market. It was there, due to my timing, that a great success came my way. By all means, this is not to recommend anyone get involved with the markets at this present time. The situation was just lucky for me to pursue and the Internet Bubble ensued.

In this column I will write to inform you of defense measures to pursue for events that are forthcoming. Right now, I can tell you this much, things aren’t looking too good and it would be very wise to get political representatives to take responsibility for their actions.

Defence measures for individuals to take immediately include:

1: Have a stockpile of canned foods available.

2: Have two gas cans filled to the hilt. They should be at least five gallons each.

3: Do not let bankers pick on you if you have lost your job and can’t afford your mortgage. I will show you ways to toast the banksters.

4: Pick up dried foods. Every kind you desire.

5: Start bartering with neighbors for goods and services. Fast!

We are living in an environment with the unfortunate incident of having a president that is highly unaware of what is going on, and one of which knows very little about surrounding himself with competency. Ben Burnanke and Timothy Geithner are two of the biggest mistakes (next to Barack Obama) that have happened to this nation. There are all types of documention and recommendations which can be accessed via my own person blogging thread on Investor’s Hub. Here is your access point ~


I can assure you there are many years of research that have gone into that thread. I can also assure you I make contact with the likes of every individual published on that thread. My favorites being Bob Moriarty from 321gold.com, Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert who have a televised show from London in the UK. Maxkeiser.com is where you can locate that one. And the Drudge Report @ http://www.drudgereport.com/.

In the near future, I will provide you with tips to save every asset you have from what appears to be the worst windfall of financial disaster this country has ever faced.

Stay in tune and contact me at [email protected] for any questions pertaining to this column.

Peace be with you all ~

Mark A. Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Specialist


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