Burger Break in Logan

It was a hot day and I was looking for something new to try. As I was passing by Logan Lanes, I had an idea, there was a little burger joint in the same building as the El Toro Viejo. Logan Burgers is tucked away a bit, but there are always cars parked out front during the lunch time.
It was a little after the lunch rush, so I decided to stop in for a quick bite and go over some papers in a cook place which hopefully, might be quiet. I wasn????????t disappointed. There was a parking spot close and when I walked in, there were only two groups eating.
The menu ranged from hamburgers to chicken and to some Greek dishes. I had to ask what a ??????chicken gyro?????? was. I was a bit relieved to find out that it was more or less a chicken wrap with the yogurt sauce on top.
The Patty Melt caught my eye today. So, the decision was made; a Patty Melt with fries. Something usual, but I haven????????t had one for quite some time. I found a nice booth to spread out my papers, drink some ice water and wait for my sandwich.
After a few minutes, the Patty Melt arrived with the fries. It was a simple sandwich with just a bit of sauce and cheese. It was pleasant not to have too much sauce on the sandwich. The fries were not fresh cut, but they tasted like fries from my past. It was a meal that brought back good memories of fast food that isn????????t too fast.
When I walked into Logan Burgers and Sandwiches, the place was clean and pleasant. It is a place that is nice to stay in to eat. (Sometimes, there are restaurants that warrant takeout.) The takeaway menu boasts that there are 70 menu items. I believe with the sandwiches, gyros, etc. most likely there are that many choices.
I would return to Logan Burgers to try one of the other sandwiches in the near future.
Logan Burgers and Sandwiches is located at 1085 N Main, Logan, Utah (435) 752-1215.


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