Browse Aloud on the Social Security Website

Remember your early school days when your teacher shared information with you by reading aloud?
Remember how easy having the material read to you made it to remember? Social Security is able to help those with visual limitations by incorporating that same ??????read-a-loud?????? technique on our website. If you need information from our website at www.socialsecurity.gov , but need someone to read it to you, try our Browse Aloud tool.

On the bottom of the homepage at www.socialsecurity.gov, click on ??????Web Accessibility?????? under the Policy header. In the middle of the next page on the left hand side, you????????ll see a description of what Browse Aloud is and does. Browse Aloud can help people with learning disabilities, English as a second language, and mild visual impairments or anyone who wants to listen to Social Security information.

Browse Aloud reads the web page words through your computer speakers and highlights the words as they are spoken. You can choose a continuous option which allows the entire web page to be read without using the mouse or you can select individual words or sentences on the page and Browse Aloud will read those words out loud. You can turn Browse Aloud on and off with a click of the Ctrl key on your keyboard. You can also customize the voice, pitch, and speed of the reader to suit your needs. All you have to do is download and install Browse Aloud to use it. Click on the ??????Learn More?????? tab to find the ??????Download BrowseAloud?????? link.

So, listen to a page from our website to increase your Social Security knowledge. Use our ??????read-a-loud?????? technology to hear the answers to your Social Security questions.


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