Bringing Back A Classic: Just How Shakespeare Planned It – Romeo & Juliet

Achtung! Theatre Company

September 1, 2011


Contact Information:
Name: Susan Ballif
Office: 435-764-1353

Bringing Back A Classic: Just How Shakespeare Planned It

LOGAN, Utah – Achtung! Theather Company is proud to announce their rendition of the classic play Romeo and Juliet. However, this won’t be your typical Romeo and Juliet production. ATC plans to perform this classic just the way William Shakespeare would of had it, and that’s with an all-male cast.

Just by the title of the play, Romeo and Juliet (Old School), you can see that ATC is doing Romeo and Juliet different than other theatres. ATC likes to describe the play as a “classical with a twist.” The big twist comes in with an all-male cast. In most modern theater production you hardly ever see an all-male cast. When Shakespeare first wrote Romeo and Juliet in the 14th century women did not have prominent roles in theater. So the most highly regarded theatre roles, woman or man, were played by men. By having an all-male cast, ATC hopes to shine a light on how Shakespeare intended to have Romeo and Juliet performed.

Even though ATC will be bringing back the old school feeling of Romeo and Juliet, they will also take a modern approach to the play. “We’re taking a modern approach,” says Director/Producer Susan Ballif. “Not via sets or costumes, or the popular methods of altered time and story, but by the very lack thereof. In the end,” Ballif continues, “you don’t need elaborate sets and you don’t need props. People can imagine, but you have to have the actors. So we have what is essential and we build around the essentials. That’s what our company does.”

Romeo and Juliet (Old School), is set to premier at the Logan Art House and Cinema, September 10th, with the first showing starting at 2 p.m. All high school students, ages 13 through 17, will receive a 2 dollar discount at the door on opening day, September 10th. There will also be one other 2 p.m. performance on September 17th. The rest of the scheduled performances will be September 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th at 7 p.m.

The newly-formed Achtung! Theatre Company is led by an energetic group of emerging Logan-based theatre and performance artists who work collectively to create quality classic and original productions. ATC is helmed by producers Susan Ballif, Autumn and Rufus ZaejoDaeus, along with a rotating lineup of collaborators and creators.

For more information on Romeo and Juliet (Old School), please visit achtungtheatre.blogspot.com. To purchase tickets online visit www.theloganarthouse.com.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Susan Ballif at 435-764-1353 or e-mail [email protected]



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