Brazing Materials Market Development Trends And Competitive Analysis 2022


The global Brazing Material market is expected to witness significant growth over forecast year. Brazing can be defined as the process by which two metal pieces are joint together with third molten filler metal. The junction area of these metals is heated above the melting point molten filler metal but below the melting point of other two metals joined. There are many methods which are used for joining metal but Brazing is mostly preferred over all the methods owing to its versatility.

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The joints made by brazing process have enormous tensile power. The joints made by brazing process have the capability to withstand shock, vibration and are unaffected by normal change in temperature. These joints also repel gases. The metals being joined are not distorted and wrapped and thus retain their metallurgical properties.

This process gives assembly designer more scope in choosing material owing to fact that it is well suited for joining two unalike metals. This process makes it easy to build complex assemblies. The heat source for brazing process can be induction, furnace and a hand held torch. There are various type of joints but brazers joints are mainly classified in three categories that are lap joint, but-lap joint and but joint. Induction heating is generally used to join the joints owing to its ability to provide good quality joint, has reduced oxidation, hast fast heating cycle and gives consistent result. Brazing process is done in three steps that are clean the surface, flux the joints and then heat to red hot and add the third metal.

Brazing fluxes can be dissolvable, water based and have ability to remove the oxides from the surface metals to reduce the oxidation and promotes wetting of the surfaces to be joined. Choice of brazing is taken by taking five factors into account that are as follows. thickness of the joints, size of the parts to be joined, nature of base metals, configuration of joint to be formed and number of joints to be made. Brazing give leak proof and strong joints it is used to accumulate a vast assortment of product ranging from aeronautics ,automotive, air conditioning systems , refrigeration systems, light bulbs, radiators, industrial valves , turbines, jet engines, gas distribution team and other items that are exposed high temperature ranges .Filler material for brazing process are available in various forms that are wire, powder ,paste ,strips ,rods .In addition to which there are variety of flux chemistry available to reduce the oxidation and to improve the quality of joints. The three key trends that will be having important impact over the brazing material market are operations under the atmosphere of nitrogen using conveyor furnaces for the brazing of heat exchanger, Operations under reduced atmosphere using conveyor furnaces for mild steel assemblies and use of vacuums furnaces.

Brazing material market is expected to witness growth over the forecasted period because it is economical and fast and its operations can be done at low temperature is highly adaptable lean and automation manufacturing activities. Braze material market is likely to witness a growth over the forecasted period. This escalation in demand in braze materials market over the forecasted period is owing to fact of emergent implementation of brazing process over process like welding and soldering for forming bond between metal pieces across the huge number of industrial activities. cost effectiveness and property of joining dissimilar metals are the some of the advantages of brazing process owing to which brazing process are extensively used over the other process and thus fueling the growth of braze material market. Furthermore, metal joining by brazing involves lesser crumb generation and moderately faster cycles.

The aforesaid compensation obtainable by brazing process are likely to result in a stable growth of global braze material market over forecasted period. Brazing is increasingly used owing to its increasing popularity in net shape operations owing to its cheaper nature ability to secure mass – production. This factor could act as driver for Brazer material market over the forecasted period. Manufactures worldwide are using brazing technology extensively over other methods owing to its decisive advantages. Bipolar plates, trim heat exchanger, fuel processors, radiators are new markets that are expected to accelerate the growth of brazing material market.

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The unstable price of the base metals is expected to pose a challenge to the growth of global braze material market over the forecasted period. Less amount of awareness about brazing process can pose a challenge Brazer material market over the forecasted period.

On the basis of type of base metal use brazing material market can be segregated into four segments that are as follows aluminium, gold, copper, silver and other. The major contribution in revenue is expected to come from Copper and Gold segment owing to their extensive demands in various industries. On the basis end user industry, it can be segregated into construction, aeronautics, automotives coupled with electrical and electronics, other end user industries. On the basis of regions, it can be segregated into Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. Asia Pacific is expected to witness higher growth rate as compared to others over the forecasted period owing to extensive increase in manufacturing industries in countries like China and India.

Some of the major key players in this market are VBC Group, Johnson Matthey, Lucas-Milhaupt, Umicore, Wieland-Edelmetalle Sentes-BIR, Pietro Galliani Brazing, Morgan Advanced Materials, Bellman-Melcor, Indian Solder and Braze Alloys, Aimtek, Harris Products, Saru Silver Alloy.

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