Boston Renegades bring home another championship

The Boston Renegades are the premier women’s tackle football team in New England and the defending Division 1 Champions of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA).

“It’s really exciting to have them here again to celebrate what incredible role models they are for our young boys and young girls across the City of Boston and beyond, not just by winning championships which we all know in [this City] is important, but also on sportsmanship, skills and outreach in the community,” said Councilor Zakim.

Moments before the start of the Council meeting, Councilors and their staff, the Renegades, and Wally from the Red Sox gathered on City Hall Plaza to raise the Renegade flag to celebrate and honor the team’s achievement.

The Renegades were incorporated in 2015 under the leadership of former players, Molly Goodwin, Mia Brickhouse, and Erin Baumgartner. They are currently owned by Goodwin, and operated in partnership with local business professional and dedicated fan Michelle McDonough. The Renegades play at Harry della Russo Stadium in Revere/

For more information on the Renegades and their game schedule, visit the Renegades website.