Biometric System Market Outlook, Top Key Players and Forecast to 2022


The global biometric system market is expected to grow exponentially over the forecast period. Biometric technology uses a physical or psychological trait for identification or authentication. By using physical traits, the provider of the trait always has them with him or her. It can be in the form of the face, fingerprints, voice, palm, iris, signature, and DNA which can be measured, recorded, and quantified. These are used to mark or identify a person. Biometrics system is usually used for identification and access control. Biometrics uses personal features that are inseparable from an individual, thus improving security.

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The growing use of a biometric technology in cloud computing and the e-commerce platform for a biometric technology offer ample opportunities for the biometrics system market. Alternatively, factors such as government initiatives to implement biometrics in several fields, increased privacy needs in smartphones, execution of biometric technology in criminal identification and election administration, and the introduction of e-passports are expected to propel the growth of the global biometrics system market.

Growing security concerns have significantly increased the usage of biometrics system in organizations. One of the key factors fueling the market is the increased threats to national security. Increasing thefts and terrorist activities related to critical data have forced the government to implement biometrics system in several government organizations. The increased business rivalry has raised confidentiality needs for organization’s information and data. Incapability of security pins and passwords to fully secure the data has increased the usage of biometrics system. Biometrics systems are also used for facilities like driving license and e-passport. An initiative by the Indian government to offer every citizen Unique Identity Cards (UID) namely Aadhar card, which contains biometric data of an individual has propelled the growth of biometrics system market. Improvement in technology has increased the biometrics systems that can scan numerous personal traits. Cost reduction of these systems has driven the market growth in recent past.

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One of the major challenges faced by this market is strict control to access available government databases as theft of biometric information can lead to a serious threat to nation security. For a long time, the use of biometrics was limited to forensic applications. Recently, however, it has become possible to digitize, store, and retrieve biometric pattern and have them processed by computers. Large scale deployment can thus be envisaged in, for instance, passports, voter ID cards, national ID cards, and driver’s licenses, which will reduce waiting time at border control or for welfare disbursement. Biometrics provides a challenging solution to increased security needs, as it bases verification on aspects that are specific to each individual.

Based on application, global biometrics system market can be segmented into commercial security, banking & finance, healthcare, travels & immigration, home security, and government. Most commonly the biometrics system is used in corporations, governments, defense, finance, and travel & immigration. Geographically the global market for identity and access management is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Asia, Europe and Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to show the maximum growth over the forecast period. The industry began and is thriving in the U.S., but Europe’s share is growing rapidly, particularly in banking. Recent European government initiatives will boost demand even more. Strong revenue growth in the fingerprint is likely to continue as cheaper scanners are bundled with computers, but other biometrics such as facial recognition and iris are also showing strong growth.

The biometric evidence is likely to be accepted without too much resistance in European courts. Notwithstanding some differences, all systems in Europe tend to include most forms of evidence. Also, although the principle is elaborated in a different way, the rules governing evidence in all European countries have a tendency to ban only categorical unreliable or illegal evidence. Application service providers will dominate the growth phase initially by providing solutions but ultimately supporting users and intermediary layers, possibly before acquisitions by integrators. Value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturer provide important transitional competition, but the market is likely ultimately to belong to specialized security or diversified ICT integrators. Relationships are likely to be strategic or collusive partnerships. Ultimately, biometrics may be wholly subsumed by technology, integrated ICT, and security markets.

The deployment of biometrics by public and private factor raises numerous concerns that are not adequately addressed by the current human rights framework and the data protection framework. For instance, this includes concerns of power accumulation, further use of existing data, specific threats prior to biometrics, use of the technology in the private sector, to protect individuals from their inclination to trade their own privacy and concerns for the cost.

The key market players dominating the global market for identity and access management includes Safran SA (France), 3M Cogent Inc. (U.S.), Fulcrum Biometrics (U.S.), Bio-key International, Inc. (U.S.), Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan), Secunet Security Networks AG (Germany), NEC Corporation (Japan), Cross Match Technologies (U.S.), Thales SA (France), Suprema Inc. (South Korea), and Precise Biometrics AB (Sweden).

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