Beyond Fire and Fury

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Wow, there is a LOT of news to cover as it pertains to the financial markets. Protests against the banking system are taking place all across the nation. I’ll post some of the links but first let’s take a little time to listen to some music ~

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDu6HYWdxkQ (By Coven)

So lets get back to the protests. More and more jobs are being lost in America, they are not being created. Here’s the latest report from the Associated Press ~


I reside in a local community in Northern Utah. As I stroll down the street, I see houses for sale all over the place. The banks are picking on the people and many are just caving in. Some, however may be getting older and moving into Assisted Living facilities or getting into Long Term Care. But I doubt it. The ratio of houses for sale in this community versus those who wouldn’t take care of their family is relatively low. It’s simple, there are no jobs.


We are risking a very bad situation right now in the United States. The protests that are taking place are revealing people are mad at the banks. They don’t want their homes taken away, and they are mad as hell that the banks received a bailout funding, while at the same time, the banks were raising their interest rates and picking on the people. What’s up with that? This may seem a bit repetitive, but people are figuring it out.

It is time for Americans to stand up. The blogging thread from where I place my research can be easily accessed @


The world has reached a turning point. The people are getting a bit upset at the oligarchs that have been put into position. Particularly since the people really didn’t put them there. It was the banks. At the same time the government sits back and creates new organizations to take more and more away from the very people that supported those who made it into office. The day of reckoning is here, my friends.

Please feel free to send these notices out to everyone you know. As a graduate from four different universities, I’m pretty confident in what it is that I write and I’m open to discussion on any issue as it pertains to what is scribed.

Follow the advice that has been set forth here by some great people and many of them are my close friends. Keep putting pressure on your representatives to get this “jobless” issue erased, forever. It’s up to you. As far as protests on the .banks go, that’s up to each of you as well. The best protest, however, would be in Washington DC. Try Pennsylvania Avenue for starters.

Until next time. . .keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. When you get there, go higher.

Peace be with you always, and in all ways. . .

Mark A. Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Representative
Certified Manager from Penn State
Bachelors from Utah State


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