Beutler on Lamm’s Budget Proposal

Lincoln– Mayor Chris Beutler released the following statement regarding Cyndi Lamm’s budget proposal.

"I look forward to discussing our very different visions for the city of Lincoln. Over the past 11 years, my administration has helped Lincoln grow at an unparalleled rate. Our investments in public safety, streets, infrastructure, technology, and neighborhoods have led to a low crime rate, a national reputation for our strong business climate, a high quality of life, and recognition that Lincoln is a cutting edge city of the future. Lincoln expects leadership that will keep us moving in the right direction.

Ms. Lamm’s vision would unfortunately lead us in the wrong direction. I am concerned her plan would reduce investments, cut services, threaten growth, and negatively impact the high quality of life Lincoln residents deserve.

Real leadership also demands transparency. A simple google search reveals videos with Ms. Lamm stating she is running for mayor." "If in fact she is, she needs to be straight-forward about her intentions and motivations."

For more information contact Brandon Bayer at 402-380-2930 or brandon.m.bayer


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