Best Selling Spa Accessories of Summer 2020


This has been a stressful year. Between the pandemic and the comedy of errors that is our election cycle, we’re all a bit wound up. We need to take some time to relax and get our breath back. For those of us with a good hot tub, a relaxing dip in the evening can be real nice. What have people been buying to go with their spas, though? We talked with Spa Mart to learn about the best selling spa accessories of this summer. Here’s what they said.

1. Safety Features

hot tub safety railHot tubs are great fun, but just like a regular bath, there are risks. Everyone needs to take steps to minimize the risks, but there are a few things that can help. Safety rails are a top seller for safety products, giving you something to hold onto as you climb into and out of the spa. Portable steps also help, giving you an extra leg-up as you climb in. Pads and grips to give the spa more friction for your feet will prevent you from slipping if you stand in them – and if you have kids, they will stand in it, not to mention jump around. Safety features like these are always hot sellers in any year, since everybody wants to enjoy life without worry.

2. Spa Caddy

Spa caddies are little rotating shelves that you can attach to your hot tub and use as a tray. There’s nothing more luxurious than the image of enjoying a spa with some sparkling drinks on a tray just within easy reach. The spa caddy gives you exactly that, giving you a luxury experience at less-than-luxury costs. You can put more than drinks on it, too. Sun glasses, food, your phone, anything you might want to keep near you, but don’t want to soak in the water can be placed on the shelf and kept dry.

3. LED Lights

There’s very little practical use for this item, but they can add a bit of ambiance. LED lights of a variety of colors can be set up in your spa to give a bit of glamour to the experience. They use just a tenth of the energy that standard lights do, so you won’t see an increase on your power bill, and the lights are made to last, so you won’t be constantly replacing bulbs. It’s a quick way to add a bit of fancy to the experience.

waterproof ear buds

4. Waterproof Speakers and Earbuds

These items are becoming a bit of a surprise hit this year. Then again, why should it be a surprise? We’re always listening to music. Now that iPods and other devices can store thousands of songs in a space only a few inches in size, we take our music everywhere. Now, with waterproof speakers and earbuds, we can even take them to our hot tubs. A bit of fun music can really add to the experience, so they’re selling really well this summer.

5. Spa Cover Lifters

This spa accessory has really taken off this year.  The cover lifter is a device that helps you remove the cover from your spa. After folding the first half up, pull a lever to remove it completely. The device also holds the cover in place, so you don’t have to worry about where to lay it down, or about it falling over. When it’s time to get out, just pull the lever again and the lifter puts it back in place. It’s a huge convenience.

Treat Yourself

Life’s meant to be enjoyed, not just endured. If you’ve got a spa that you enjoy taking a dip in, why not get yourself some fun accessories to go with it? Anything that makes it just a bit more fun is worth a little money now and then. And this has been a year were we all need to take a load off of our minds. Since a lot of us aren’t going anywhere, we might as well make the experience of being home as enjoyable as possible.