Best Decorations for an Outdoor Party

Best Decorations for an Outdoor Party

If we’re going to gather safely this summer, the best way to do it is under the great dome of the sky. Moving the party from indoors to outdoors isn’t some grim concession to the realities of virus transmission—as we learned with the popularity of al fresco dining last summer, we want all the reasons we can get to spend more time outside.

When it comes to planning a party outdoors, it’s not as simple as throwing out some lawn chairs and card tables and hoping for the best. To truly pull this party off, you’ll want to go the extra mile and set a memorable mood full of flickering lights, bright colors, and all-around warmth. Here are a few of the best decorations for an outdoor party that you should include this summer.


Emphasize your connection with nature by decorating with freshly cut flowers at the tables. If you have a sizable garden of your own, you can make some selections there and save yourself a trip to the florist. Even if you don’t have flowers in your yard fit for centerpieces and other accents, you’ll want to make that trip and procure a few for your party.

String Lights

They’re not just for Christmas anymore. After years of being a rare summer novelty, it’s getting hard to find a backyard that doesn’t contain tiny lights. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a full season of backyard lights, adding LED lights on your trees and over your tables gives a magical feel to an outdoor party. LEDs are versatile and long-lasting lights that will get you through summer after summer of patio parties.

Candles and Lanterns

Whether you’re setting up centerpieces or lining the patio, outdoor parties call for warm and natural light. Homemade candles and lanterns are some of the best decorations for an outdoor party, and paper bags and mason jars provide affordable ways to decorate your event. Giving your accent lighting a personal touch is sure to make the surroundings even more memorable.


As your party goes deep into the night, a little extra natural illumination is welcome—especially when it’s a raging but well-contained fire. A firepit is more than a nice addition to a big party. It’s a long-term investment that can light up your nights with family and close friends, too. The extra warmth is nice for those get-togethers that crawl past the midnight hour, and when you get that fire roaring, you can make some s’mores—microwaving them is no substitute.