Benefits of Eating Local Honey

Eating local honey is no new phenomenon; it has been thought to have health benefits dating back more 2,500 years in Ayurvedic traditional medicine treatments. However, mass distribution of honey in supermarkets fails at providing its true benefits.


Because the pollen has been filtered out of most commercial products, many don’t even consider the product to be honey. Even if pollen remains, there are health disadvantages because the honey isn’t locally sourced.


Consider these 5 benefits of eating local honey.


Fight Infection


Everyone wants an edge when fighting against sickness. Honey has both antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help with both. First, its viscosity makes it the perfect cough syrup to sooth sore throats and alleviates coughing fits. The honey itself is known to have wound-healing effects. When ingested, honey combines with your body’s natural fluids creating hydrogen peroxide in a biological chemical reaction; hydrogen peroxide discourages bacterial growth.


Helping you get better is just the start. Make honey part of your regular routine to increase your antioxidant consumption. Antioxidants boost your immune system, block disease causing free radicals and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. It doesn’t take a lot of honey to get the benefits either; using approximately four tablespoons daily is enough according to one research study.


Weight Management


Swapping out sugar for honey where possible can help keep weight under control and reduce risk of obesity. As a natural sweetener, honey satisfies your cravings but lowers blood sugar and can reduce serum triglycerides. Honey can also increase appetite-suppressing hormones and is though to help lower glucose levels. Raw honey increases insulin production while reducing hyperglycemia. In this way, honey also aids in diabetes management.


Natural Energy


Of course, weight management is great, but getting bogged down by low energy isn’t the answer. This is where honey offers another great benefit. Honey is a mixture of natural sugars, water and protein. In fact, honey in the morning increases liver glycogen and doesn’t have the crash that commercial granulated sugar does. Use honey as a pre or post-workout energy boost and recovery aid. It is easily absorbed; it provides crash-resistant energy and, along with its other health benefits, gives your body an edge in workouts.


Sleep Producer


It seems like an oxymoron; honey provides energy but is also a sleep aid. Though it may be hard to believe, this is true. With positive sleep habits, honey consumed just before bed gets glycogen back into the liver. This reduces the midnight snack craving because your body is searching for energy.


Additionally, honey stimulates tryptophan levels in the brain – yes the stuff responsible for the post-turkey meal snooze. As tryptophan is released, it is converted to serotonin for natural mood enhancing and eventually becomes melatonin that aids in sleep.


Allergy Fighter


Consuming local honey can fight seasonal allergies. Here is the key, however. Seasonal allergies vary from region to region because of the types of flowers and pollen found in any given geographic area. When bees pollenate flowers, their honey contains the pollen from these flowers. Consuming the honey then helps to desensitize people from local pollen allergens.


This means the same level of benefits don’t exist if you consume honey from other regions or honey that has the pollen removed. This is why consuming local raw honey is ideal to maximize all the health benefits and aid in reducing season allergy flare-ups.


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