Before You Vote Read This – Animal Farm

Do you try to make educated decisions when it comes to your future? Or do you wing every decision and repeat the same scenarios over and over again? This election series, make a break from your routine and try something new???????

I????????d like to suggest a few books to read that may help you make a better decision this election season, one that could really make a change in your life and your fellowman’s.

Did you know that only Americas can be called ??????UnAmerican.?????? No other country in the world can be called the ??????Un?????? word. Try it. UnChinese. Doesn????????t work. UnFrench. Doesn????????t work. UnMexican. Still doesn????????t work. This is because the great America experiment was based on ideas not a geographic location.

It used to mean, to be an American you believed in five ideals. If you broke from those ideals you became an ??????UnAmerican.?????? Over time we have forgotten four of those ideals and have changed the meaning of the fifth, which has lead to our current state of partisanship and mistrust.

Here is a link to the five ideals America was founded on. Four of the five have been lost and forgotten. One is grossly misunderstood. They are:

1. Freedom

2. Georgics

3. Providence

4. Liber

5. Public Virtue

The good news is, you don????????t have to take my word for it. You can find out on your own (you should be doing that already anyway, by that I mean not accepting the biased news at face value. Truth doesn????????t fit into most agendas no matter what side you support).

Try reading George Orwell????????s Animal Farm. Compare it to the actual speeches from our two candidates. One will stand out as an emulator the other a real choice. You get to choose the future we will have. Not to vote is to vote.

”No man has the ‘right’ to be wrong; all have the responsibility to be right.”
-e. Merrill Root, American Steadfast Dream p.85

Other books on the list that I will be discussing are:
5,000 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen
The Bridge At Andau by James Michener
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


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