Before you leave your home, make sure to check for these fire hazards

Recent fires in West
and Wallingford
at home construction sites provide reminders about the importance of making
sure fire hazards are removed before going away for any period of time. In both
cases, the cause of the fire was undetermined. While those recent fires were at
construction sites, the same guidelines apply to occupied homes.

Before you leave – tips for inside the home:

  1. Always turn off portable heaters and unplug them
    from the electrical outlet.
  2. Unplug all appliance that have a heating device
    such as toasters, rice cookers and space heaters.
  3. Make sure the stove, oven and clothes dryer are
  4. Make sure candles, incense, wood burning stove
    and fireplace are out.

Before you leave- tips for outside the home:

  1. Clear gutters of dry leaves and remove branches that
    are touching the home.
  2. Keep piles of combustibles such as wood chips or
    wood materials at least 10 feet away from the home.
  3. Consider putting fencing around construction
    projects that are long term in nature.
  4. Consider installing motion senor lights outside
    the home.
  5. Let neighbors know that your home will be vacant
    and to report concerns.

Home fire safety tips

Construction site fire safety tips