Be Your Own Customer To Grow Your Business

One of the best ways to understand your customers is to spend time buying products from your business. If you can?›ƒ?ªƒ?›t go into your shop by yourself have a mystery shopper do it for you. When you can see things from your customers?›ƒ?ªƒ?› perspective you can really give them what they want.

When you are meeting?›ƒ?ªƒ?no, beating the expectations of your customers on a regular basis you will be taking customers away from your competition and simultaneously increasing your profits.

Place orders from your website, and thereby test such things as how long it takes to get your order, how much information was supplied with your order, and what shape the packaging was in, inside and out. Were you given adequate return information and the guarantee in the box? How your product arrives makes a statement, and is usually the last impression your company gives your customer. Assess how you shape up. Are you availing yourself of the opportunity to make a positive impression on your customers? It is very important to confirm that your customers made the right decision in choosing to buy from you.

Call in orders too. How long does it takes to actually talk to a representative? How do your employees represent you on the phone? Your employees need many skills to help your customers. And if you don?›ƒ?ªƒ?›t help them become the expert, who will? Again, the more you can see your business through the eyes of your customers, the easier it will be to improve the way you run your business.

You must constantly be adding to the many reasons customers come to your business to see the products or services you sell. One of the most important reasons should be the relationship you have with your customers. You must gather more information about each customer and develop tools to strengthen the bonds between your business and your customers?›ƒ?ªƒ?› emotions.

Excelling in customer service is one of the most important tools that you can use to further your relationship between you and your customer. In doing so, you provide additional reasons why your customer will think of you when buying another product or adding another service. Add tactics to keep your customers thinking of your business and you will improve your financial situation at the same time.

Work on your employees?›ƒ?ªƒ?› communication skills. Internalize and teach the five methods of communication: listening, talking, reading, writing, nonverbal expressions.

Listening: The ability to hear and understand what the speaker is saying is vital to close sales. Writing: Communicating by writing is fundamental for others to understand your intended message. Talking: Being concise and literate is essential to getting your message across. Saving your customers time is vital. Reading: Being able to read and comprehend the written word enhances your business and life. Nonverbal Expression: This includes ?›ƒ?ª?tone and inflection of voice, facial expression, posture, and eye contact.?›ƒ?ª?1 These nonverbal expressions speak volumes. Customers can tell your commitment to the conversation by your expressions and body language.

I have written a book called Great Customer Service: The Best Way to Avoid a Discounted Sale. It is packed with insider tips to improve your profitability by implementing excellent customer service practices. If you would like a free .pdf, simply send me an email with your contact information and I?›ƒ?ªƒ?›ll gladly forward you a copy.


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