Be Still And Know That I Am There

I often teach people the importance of taking time to reflect on their actions, their decisions, their readings and even their in-actions. I couldn’t say the following better.

“There are many voices that would teach us, counsel us, tell us what to think about ourselves and our choices, and about others and theirs. I wish for you and me the will and power to give due heed to those voices that should be our wise and loving counselors, and to dismiss those that are anything less. As we learn to discern and select the voices that are the servants of true happiness, we will be empowered to graciously and humbly receive counsel (no matter how mild or difficult) when it is wise to do so, and to focus on what is right to do, when and how, without distractions from other sources. I wish for us a vision of our purpose and mission sufficient to help us recognize the guidance that serves our needs. I wish for us a selective ear.”
– Rachel DeMille, December 2012 Inspire Newsletter

May we ever know that with life the bugle should ever blow for battle. If the voices in your head are negative I’d like to suggest Shad Helmstetters WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOURSELF. It is a wonderful book that can help your own voice be better!


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