Be fearless. Create change.

Over the past 20 years, I have often thought of change that needs to take place in this country. How do we get a government that is more concerned with the well-being of the country as opposed to the well-being of themselves?

Often, change takes courage. For example, when senators and congress are up for reelection, what is the tactic most often used? It is FEAR. As an example, in the district where I live, the incumbent senator talks about saving Hill Air Force Base among other projects. Or, if he is not reelected, Utah will lose its seniority. Both of these might be good things in some sense. However, in my life, I have heard the Hill Air Force closure argument for at least the last 25 years. In my ears, it is akin to crying wolf. Does the senator create a fake closure problem in order to ??????save?????? it again? If he has that type of seniority and power to save it, who says he doesn????????t have the power to create a ??????closure???????

For the record, I do want to make sure that Hill Air Force Base stays in Utah. It creates thousands of jobs and opportunities and is a boon to the economy. I just believe that a strong-willed person in congress could and would make the salient arguments to keep it open (if there was a chance of closure.)

Through the news I have seen that this is not just a Utah phenomenon, but is used by incumbents across the United States. They play on OUR FEARS.

We need to change course in the government. There is a fear of the unknown. I see it in myself from time to time. However, I think that there are so many around that have had a forced change in the past several years (ie. Job insecurity. Or, no job.) that we have faced fear head-on and won in our own lives. I am sure it wasn????????t comfortable, but people are learning new trades and new ways to succeed. I figure that if I fail at one thing, I am one step closer to success.

Currently, there are 47 million Americans using food stamps and on the welfare system. If we DO NOT create change, will that increase another 15 million in the next four years? Or, if we become fearless and create change, can that number begin to go in a downward direction?

A thought to consider: When a business gets to a point of no return on losses and the inevitability is just beyond site, it is called a ??????death spiral??????. There is practically nothing that can be done and the business is getting sucked in to the abyss. In the United States, pundits are calling what we are in ??????the edge of the cliff??????. Neither view presents a pleasant picture of the future.

Change is necessary. We must be courageous and make the necessary changes.

How much more power do you have as an individual if you KNOW that you can change something and come out OK on the other side? The people who run for congress need to know that you do not fear change. They need to know that you are expecting them to serve your needs and not their needs. And, if they don????????t, there is someone else ready and willing to take their place the next time they are up for election.

There is change that needs to take place. We, as a people can make these changes. But, we need to dig deep into our heritage and remember the fearlessness of our ancestors who set out to do something new. Our ancestors may have been here for millennia, a couple of centuries, or just a few years. You need to know that to make that first move was fearless. Imagine leaving everything behind and starting new in a strange land.

Be fearless. Create change.


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