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I have often wondered how much space you need in order to make great food. After checking various restaurants and eateries, I believe that I have found that it is 400 square feet. Enough space for a couple of tables and a large kitchen.

On the main road between Heber City, Utah and Midway, Utah, you will drive to a small shopping area with historic buildings in the old west style. Tucked in these buildings is one or two restaurants and a few other stores and offices. Streetside, there is plenty of parking, as the shopping area is designed as a walking village.

Next to the parking is a small square building that doesn’t seem to be larger than 20 feet by 20 feet, which is the original size of the restaurant. On the outside of the building was a sign that read Tommy’s Texas BBQ. Well, every town seems to have a barbeque restaurant. Salt Lake City, Utah has Sugarhouse BBQ and Ogden, Utah has Moores BBQ. Heber City should have a barbeque joint as well.

I walked in the corner door (literally) and bellied up to the bar to order. There wasn’t much space beyond that.

Brisket, chicken, pulled pork, ribs, sausage and the sides that you would expect to enjoy with barbeque are all on the menu. I really like brisket, so it had to be the brisket, slaw and spicy corn. I sat down at one of the four tables and watched and listened to the patrons enjoying their lunches. People came in for takeout and some waited for a table. The atmosphere was friendly and cozy. Everyone there seemed to be a regular except for me.

A few minutes later my plate came out with a nice serving of sliced brisket with a deep-red smoke ring around the edges, cup of homemade slaw and their spicy corn. I love barbeque, but there are eateries where they have gone wrong on the ribs and such. Not here. I am looking forward to returning to Tommy’s Texas BBQ. There are several entrees on the menu that I would like to taste.

If you have a large group, Tommy’s Texas BBQ has menu items to serve 100 people. Great for a family reunion or an informal business meeting.

Located at 100 South 650 West in Heber City, Utah, (435)657-9509,


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