AWARD: City of Farmington Recognized as a Family-Friendly Business

City of Farmington Recognized at Family-Friendly Business.

Please join us in congratulating HR and more specifically, the Insurance and Benefits Team (Jamie Wagoner and Courtney Gray).  Their collaborative efforts resulted in the City of Farmington being honored on the NM Senate Floor yesterday, March 1st 2017.  This event was reserved for the first 25 business leaders in New Mexico who were being recognized for having achieved the criteria for being an organization that demonstrates family friendly benefits and policies.  The implementation of programs related to wellness, online access to coverage/enrollment and other proactive strategies have all led up to the City of Farmington receiving the New Mexico Family Friendly Business Award.


The New Mexico Family Friendly Business Award was created by the New Mexico Task Force on Work Life Balance to recognize and celebrate New Mexico businesses that have family friendly policies in place, including paid leave, health support, work schedules and economic support .  The statewide task force was created by the New Mexico State Legislature in 2010 and continues to work to promote family friendly business practices to New Mexico Businesses.  This ongoing effort will continue to grow as organizations recognize the return on investment and the impact it makes on employees, their families and the community as a whole.


The landscape of the workplace is ever evolving and Human Resources has become an integral strategic partner in their organizations success.  It is not enough to offer the mandated basic benefits and policies to employees if an employer wants to be able to compete for the most qualified workers.  The City of Farmington knows that this aspect of employment is vital and has made it our goal to think creatively and offer family friendly benefits and policies to our employees.

Congratulations team!

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