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What we have here is an issue that is NOT good. Then I have a cat that is sitting in my lap. Well, what do you do when you love your animals?

Okay, now here is the situation taking place, folks ~ and I hope for you all to forward this information to your family and friends. Barack Obama recently began supporting those who were opposing Wall Street actions, and what are commonly termed, “banksters” around the world. He’s trying to buy votes by doing so. He is DONE. Anybody foolish enough to vote for him again deserves what they get. And that is NOTHING.

This guy should have resigned a year ago to have protected Americans. He appears to be the biggest fool I have ever seen in office. Now we have an economy that is going down the toilet, and a national deficit that is reaching unprecedented proportions. Yeah thanks Obama, you really created change all right.

All of our industry has been shipped overseas, the loyalty of Americans has fallen to an all time low. . .and it will get a lot lower. The economy will get much, much lower as far as expectations go. Housing will continue to get hammered, and the prices of food will continue to go UP. That’s called inflation. If we go to war (as is expected due to people in Washington DC ~ also known as “The Beltway”) we will see SUPER inflation. And that is my term for what is going to happen.

Folks, the events that have transpired overseas happened for a reason. LACK of LEADERSHIP and understanding of the financial markets. The European Monetary Exchange Unit (EMU) is going to fail, as well as the Uniion (EU). Many people have no idea how to distinguish the difference in America. What does that tell you about our education system? Answer this one for me, who were the presidents of the United States and what are the names of all the states in this republic?

Hey, Barack Obama can’t recite them. So don’t feel bad. As all he wants to do is throw parties rather than take care of this nation. I’m totally confused as to why he is leader of this nation. Perhaps somebody can help cure my confustion.

Everybody knows I like Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney. God, I wish Newt wouldn’t have screwed up so bad. You know, Arnold really messed up, as well. What was he thinking? He screwed up his marriage, he screwed up his life and career, and screwed the state of California. What are these people thinking, like John Edwards? These are the people we have had running our nation? WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

Alright, already ~ that is Mark’s column until the next time.

Everbody move into a defensive position. This joke we have in office right now is doing nothing but creating problems all around the world.

Oh yes, one more thing ~ Barack, come to Utah State University and I will debate you. I would like the American public to know about where you were born, and how we have screwed up by getting you into office. I’d also like to inform them of who put you into office. And don’t think that I don’t know about the Bilderbergers.

It won’t be long before the next column comes out. Keep your eyes peeled.


Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State, UC Irvine and Arizona State


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