Austin Water Cost of Service Meeting, Tuesday, May 23

Austin Water Department advises to reduce water use.Austin Water is conducting a study to help determine how future water and wastewater rates will be established.  A cost of service study includes a comprehensive review of methodology used to allocate costs among customer classes and to update and improve the methods for determining fair and equitable rates of utility services.  The next meeting is:

Public and Wholesale Involvement Committees Meeting
May 23, 2017, 3:30 p.m., Waller Creek Center, 625 E. 10th Street
Room 104
Topics: Comprehensive overview of the Water and Wastewater Cost of Service Models

All of Austin Water’s customers are encouraged to attend these public involvement meetings. The goal of each committee is to provide representation for their Austin Water customer class, review and assess the cost of service process, and provide valuable input and recommendations to Austin Water.

Austin Water has set up a website for the Cost of Service Rate Study to provide access to meeting dates and locations, agendas, backup material, mailing lists, and provide a question and answer feature for the public to submit questions and comments.


The Public Involvement Committee includes members representing the retail customer classes (residential, multifamily, commercial and large volume).  The Wholesale Involvement Committee includes members representing wholesale customers.

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