Asahi Kasei Develops New Forward Osmosis Membrane System for High-Level Concentration of Liquids without Heating or Pressurization

Using membranes to provide new value to the food and pharmaceutical

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Asahi Kasei has developed an original forward osmosis (FO) membrane
system for the high-level concentration of liquids by dehydration
without heating or pressurization. The company is currently fabricating
small and medium-sized equipment to be loaned to food and pharmaceutical
manufacturers for introduction on a trial basis, with commercialization
targeted in 2020.

Components of foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals are often
concentrated to heighten the composition of aromas, flavors, or active
ingredients, to reduce the costs of shipment and storage. Distillation
and reverse osmosis, the conventional methods of concentration, entail
heating or pressurization which may deteriorate the quality of many
components. Asahi Kasei believes the newly developed FO system can
efficiently concentrate such components at a high level while
maintaining their quality.

Asahi Kasei developed the FO system based on its extensive membrane
technology in applications ranging from virus removal to water
clarification. While avoiding the need for heating or pressurization,
the new system also features a concentration rate three times higher
than that of reverse osmosis. Studies indicate that the FO system is
able to concentrate brewed coffee by a factor of ten while maintaining
the original condition of aroma and flavor components, even in the
presence of solid components.

Features of the FO system

  • Concentration rate 3 times higher than with reverse osmosis
  • High-level concentration while maintaining quality of components
    susceptible to heat
  • Concentration speed (dehydration speed):
    200 g/h with small
    equipment, 15 kg/h with medium-sized equipment


For more information, please contact:
Asahi Kasei Corp.


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