As We Head Towards The Next Banking Disaster

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a fine week. This week’s column is focused on what is going on our financial status as a nation.


You have all had fair warning that this was coming. As the world economies continue to disintegrate before our eyes, banking disasters will get much worse. Make regular visits to Maxkeiser.com for current updates on the financial systems throughout the world.

Those who are alert, have noticed how the price of groceries has increased to where it is difficult to provide for a small family and oneself. The government hasn’t been permitting the mass media to report on these events. Then again, they also haven’t reported about the effects of the nuclear fallout coming from Japan. Portugal is nearly under total financial collapse and Greece is the one leading way.

Why should anyone be concerned about overseas banks? one might ask. I’ll tell you why. . .Burnanke and Geithner approved funds to bail those banks out with taxpayer money from America. See how your taxpayer money is going to work? We’ve been bailing out foreign countries rather than focusing on our own. From the article posted above, you can see what’s happening to our country. And with protests increasing around the nation while TRUE NUMBERS for UNEMPLOYMENT continue to rise, our banking system is imploding. This is going to effect pension funds, retirement accounts and personal savings. And anyone with a 1/2 a wit about them will know the returns in the market will be coming DOWn, pun intended.

We will see, in the very near future how our government officials will deal with the present crisis. Perhaps this time they will assist the people who are working and paying tax dollars for them to do their job, rather than the banks.

With the Fascist style government that Obama has created, I don’t believe the people are going to give him much support during the next election. We know somebody who understands the Central Banking System along with the financial systems of the world in office, right now. Or this country will be toast. Just like Greece. Independent states should initiate their own banking systems. Then, we might have a chance.

More coming as time permits. . .

Peace be with you all, always and in all ways ~

Mark A. Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Representative


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