Artwork being installed on traffic signal control cabinets along East Lancaster

The City of Fort Worth Public Art Program began installation of original artworks on a series of 14 traffic signal control cabinets on Friday, August 4. Weather permitting, the installation is expected to be completed within a few days.

This is the culmination of a project that invited local artists to submit original images that were then scaled, printed and readied for fourteen traffic signal control cabinets along East Lancaster Avenue. The following intersections receive artworks: Pine, Riverside, Beach, Collard, Ayres, Sargent, Oakland, Rand, Edgewood, Tierney, Weiler, Canton, Handley and Sandy. The Weiler, Canton, Handley and Sandy cabinets are located in City Council District 5. All other cabinets are located in City Council District 8.

The 14 different original artworks were selected by a panel of community members, artists, elected officials and city staff from more than 260 image submissions from local artists. The community chosen themes represented in the selected images include transportation, reading, recreation, environmental stewardship and the history of Fort Worth’s east side. The media of the original artwork include painting, photography and drawing. The original artwork was then formatted to fit the traffic signal control cabinets and printed on a special 3M vinyl media designed for outdoor use, which is then applied to the cabinets.

The twelve local artists whose work is represented are: Kim Robbins, Gregory Beck, Chris Gonzalez, Andrew Postell, Amy Behrens, Brendan T. Kelly, Armando Torres, the estate of George Peak, Maria Haag, Casie Caseboldt, Suzanne McNeill-Sparks and Teresa Foster.

This project was conceived as part of the East Lancaster Public Art Plan, created by recognized artist Jack Mackie, as a long-term temporary public art project and an “opportunity for the City to invest in its utilities poetically.” The vinyl artworks will last for approximately 3-5 years, at which time the city will remove them and may choose to re-issue a call for new images.

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