Area-Info.net Tops 300,000 Monthly Visitors

Area-Info.net You Write the NewsLogan, Utah – Area-Info.net topped 300,000 monthly visitors which highlights three months of exceptional growth for this grassroots online newspaper. The mission of Area-Info.net is to help people share their voice. “I found over the past several years, it was becoming more difficult for people to feel like they are heard. So, we developed a place where everyone can share their voice”, shares Lee Everton, Publisher.

Area-Info.net is growing every day with people sharing news and information from practically every state in the United States and more than 30 countries. “We love having local information shared. It seems that people can get national news from anywhere on the internet. However, often it is more difficult to find local news that people need. We are striving to provide this outlet for people” adds Everton.

People who want to share their voice are publishing news articles from around the United States and the world on Area-Info.net. Because of all the great articles being shared, we are looking forward to continued growth throughout this coming year.

About Area-Info.net

Area-Info.net is a grassroots nationwide online newspaper where “you write the news.” The founders have more than 40 years of experience in publishing and building national sales groups and more than 26 years in online markets with a passion to find ways for people to have a voice.

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