Area-Info.net Reaches Milestone

During the month of September, Area-Info.net reached a milestone that we want to share with our readers and contributors. The articles posted on Area-Info.net have been read more than 12 million times. Area-Info.net is a unique site where anyone can contribute all types of articles to share with friends and neighbors. As we like to say, everyone has a voice where “you write the news.”

What makes Area-Info.net unique from many other sites? There are three main points that make Area-Info.net unique:

  1. You Write the News. People write the news as they see it. We do not get RSS feeds from Reuters, AP, or other national news sources. We want people to contribute local, grassroots information to Area-Info.net.
  2. All of the articles are archived. As you know, we are creating history today. Everything that is contributed is archived and easily searched through our own site search and also indexed and made available through the major search engines. This means that news articles, events, obituaries, weddings ??????? everything is archived.
  3. Area-Info.net is FREE. I had to say it. Anyone can contribute events and articles at no cost. It is free to contribute. Anyone can read and search the articles at no cost. It is free to read.

Area-Info.net is available for you to use. With more than 12 million times which articles have been read, people are finding Area-Info.net. And, they are spending time reading the articles (but, that is another conversation.)

We have contributors who have reached more than 157,000 people with a single contribution; many others who have reached more than 50,000 people with a single contribution; and, still others who have reached thousands of readers with their contributions.

Bottom line: If you have something to share, you need to use Area-Info.net to reach more people. You will expand your audience locally and possibly nationally with Area-Info.net.


Content is the most important part of having quality links to your website. With Area-Info.net, we provide a quality location to share your story and include links to your website to help you grow. If you would like to learn more, visit this page to see how you can use Area-Info.net to rank higher and quicker in search engines. Contact me directly at [email protected] with any questions, or to schedule speaking engagements.

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