Are You An Abolitionist?

Over the decades I've come to know that I am an abolitionist. Are you? If you are against slavery, involuntary servitude, and the forced redistribution of wealth you may be an abolitionist.

This excellent short YouTube video (shown below) reveals the immorality of the position that many take that believes the forced redistribution of wealth or involuntary servitude of another is somehow moral. Our president appears to hold a view that the rich are immoral just for being rich (even though he is rich) and that he and his friends are somehow justified in stealing from the rich to give to the poor. One must ask, is stealing ever really justified? Do the ends always justify the means? Do the ends ever justify immoral means?

I suggest you read this short article as well:


Our forefathers wanted to remove the compulsion as much as possible from government. They knew government was force, and that is why they tried so hard to limit the powers of government. They carefully enumerated the limited powers that the federal government was supposed to have, they carefully organized it as a Republic (and all the states as Republics too), and then they divided the power up even further between the people, the states, and the branches of government to limit the centralization of power in the hands of a few (as we see it today). They understood how to limit slavery to the slavery that already existed. Eventually, the American people had to further address the biggest mistake in the original Constitution, the allowance of slavery in any form. That war over states rights and eventually over slavery cost the United States 600,000 lives. Those who were benefiting from slavery were determined to keep their immoral redistribution of wealth system in place at any cost. They wanted to spread that immoral system to new states coming into the union. The North didn't start out to fight the war as an effort against slavery, rather as an effort to keep the Union together (an idea that was also built on compulsion, an idea I reject). However, eventually the war morphed into a fight that was also against slavery. That was the right fight.

What is really unfortunate about the civil war is that it didn't end involuntary servitude permanently in the United States. Eventually the idea of forced redistribution of wealth reared its ugly head and the government became a force of compulsion, not the protector of individual rights and property that it had once been. The traditional American understanding of the purpose of government was stood on its head. Now the entire country became the plantation and all who pay graduated taxes or suffer from monetary inflation were pillaged by the new slave owners, those who rely on government for unearned benefits and the new aristocracy of Congress teamed up with our new King, the president.

The unholy alliance that Thomas Jefferson had fought against, the creation of a central bank, helped to further enslave the working people of America and to steal wealth from them through the dilution of their currency.

I do not include those who actually paid into Social Security and Medicare in with the moochers. They paid for those benefits. They were forced into that system by the moochers who voted for it, no doubt hoping that they would get more out of it than they put in, those who hoped for the creation of a nanny state so they would never have to grow up and become self reliant adults, but could remain forever cared for children, wards of the state. Unfortunately, there are millions who are siphoning off unearned benefits from those two programs as well. Too many people have climbed in the wagon and not enough are outside pulling it.

Not all the money that's siphoned off from the makers to give to the takers gets to the poor. Much of it stays in Washington to make it the new boom town:

We need to struggle as a people to restore the great Republic we once had and to end the social democracy we have created, a mob rule that leads to forced redistribution of wealth which is also known as socialism, involuntary servitude, and/or theft.

President Obama and his cohorts have become the new slave owners in America. He and his henchmen in Congress abuse the powers of their offices, disregard the Constitution, overstep their powers, and enslave the tax payers of America to enhance their wealth and power and to provide largess for their corrupt, thieving cronies. Shame on them. They ignore the sacrifices of those who fought the revolutionary war, civil war, those who fought other wars to establish freedom from government tyranny. Today these new rulers are not servants of the people, they are tyrants who see no limit to their powers. The growth of their ideology must be resisted with all your might.




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