Antihypertensive Drugs Market Price ,Size and Trends Report 2022

The Global Antihypertensive Drugs Market is observing random and spectacular growth at a high CAGR in forthcoming period. Hypertension is an undesirable medical condition whereby blood level rises to inordinately high levels and is characterized by primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. The generic term for hypertension is Blood Pressure (B.P).

Primary hyper tension is more prevalent than secondary hypertension whereas primary hypertension has no underlying causes; secondary hypertension is caused by kidney, heart, endocrine or arterial disorders. The systolic pressure is in the range of 120-140Hg at rest and in the range of 60-90 mm diastolic. Hypertension arises when both these figures are at loss.

Market growth for Antihypertensive drugs is improving diametrically because of rise in geriatric population and a stream of novel drugs coming in. Moreover, change in lifestyle habits such as smoking, diet and exercising also contribute to hypertension, thus adding to the market growth.

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Hypertension could also lead to aggravation of other diseases that lead to cardiac arrests and increasing mortality. Based on therapeutics, the Antihypertensive drugs market is classified into diuretics, angiotenism converting inhibitors (ACE), Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARE), angiotensin receptor blockers, calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, alpha blockers, vasodilators and rennin inhibitors.

The patient’s medical history will determine his first line of treatment and preference for drugs. For instance, diabetic may require ACE as his first line of treatment. Hypertension is lifelong disease that may require the patient to take medicines throughout the patient’s life. This is an indicator to growth of hypertensive drugs that will increase as number of patients grow.

Market restraints include patent expires of box-office drugs, generic erosion and launch of novel molecules. The patent expiry of drugs such as Diovan, Revatio, Avapro, Exforge and Biopress has impacted the antihypertensive drugs with generics. Geriatric population and lifestyle diseases on the rise are also a cause for rise in incidences of hypertension. Segmentation of Antihypertensive drugs market by type includes systemic hypertension drugs and pulmonary hypertension drugs.

By geographical regions, segmentation for Antihypertensive drugs market includes North America, Europe, Asia pacific, MEA and Latin America. North America accounts for higher growth of Antihypertensive drugs market followed by Europe and Asia pacific. Reasons contributing to market growth include rise in geriatric population, increase of hypertensive cases and many novel therapies on the riseThe key industrial players in the hypertensive market include Novartis AG, Pfizer, Inc., Johnson and Johnson LTd., Sanofi SA, Lupin ltd., Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited. Merck and Company, Dai-ich I Sankyo Company limited and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

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