Animal Rescue League of Boston a champion for animals

“Harry Truman famously said, ‘If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.’ While we’re not in Washington, we are in Boston and I think the adage holds true for all of us in government and public service,” said Councilor O’Malley in between laughs during this week’s Council meeting.

For more than a century, Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston has responded to the needs of animals by providing veterinary care, adoption, and field services. Through special police investigation, ARL also confronts the root causes of animal cruelty and neglect, and supports advocacy aimed at strengthening laws that protect animals. Last year, they served more than 16,900 animals in need.

Before the Council meeting, ARL President Mary Nee presented councilors and staff with an overview of ARL and the programs and services offered in the neighborhoods of Boston, including Pet Wellness Clinics.

Councilor Campbell, who met and adopted her dog Sparky while touring ARL, highlighted that ARL is very intentional about going into the community to serve constituents, and informed the audience about the $10 ARL clinic that encourages people to come in and get all the needs of their animals and pets met.

Today, ARL’s goal is to focus on prevention and the impact they can have on more animals — keeping them out of shelters and in the communities where they belong. For more information on the Animal Rescue League and the services and programs they offer, visit the Animal Rescue League website.