Animal Feed Antioxidants Market Analysis By Top Key Players – Danisco, ADISSEO, BASF, Altech, Novozymes, BELDEM

Market Summary

The Animal Feed Antioxidants market was estimated at 287.65 USD Million in 2017 and is expected to register a healthy CAGR till 2025. A significant rise in meat consumption statistics flourished the livestock market off late. However, the rate of disease outbreaks among the livestock grew at 11%.

Besides, the diminishing religious coherence in the developing countries associated with meat consumption has reasonably driven the growth for livestock and thereby antioxidants market in the recent past. Meat consumption of different types in the Asian Subcontinents has witnessed an increase of 135% over the period of 2016-2017 and Animal Husbandry in specifics have shown an positive growth of 22% during the period 2017-2018 (first quarter).

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Key Coverage of the Report

Region and country wise consumption statistics of animal feed oxidants from the period 2015-2025. 2015-2017 has been utilized as historic data and 2018-2025, has been derived as forecasts
Estimation of production capacity along with historic and forecasted price trend analysis
Meat consumption indicators, economics have been analyzed. Significant statistical analysis has been conducted on animal husbandry market space
Regional Competitors Pricing Strategy
Demand and Supply GAP Analysis
Region Wise Establishment Consumption
Regional Live Stock Analysis
Government spending on animal husbandry and livestock industry
Research Spending’s of the Animal Feed Antioxidants Market
On the basis of product the market is primarily divided into Natural and Synthetic, further to which the majorly used synthetic antioxidants are Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT.
Import Export Statistical Analysis
Disease and Death Rate among Livestock’s
Regional Governmental Policies
Salient Trends of the Animal Feed Antioxidants Market

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Inclination towards natural antioxidants is increasing the prices of antioxidants in the market which seems to drive the growth of animal feed antioxidants market.
Decreased wastage due to oxidation, increasing prices of feed would contribute considerably in the growth.
To some extent, a majority meat consumers adapting to vegan lifestyles has affected the curve reversely.
During the period 2015-2017, vegan adaptation rate in developed economies reached 22% and is expected to reach an estimated 31% by the end of 2023. North America and Europe account for the highest share in the adaptation rate
Increasing prices of natural raw materials post adjustments in inflation for antioxidants
There has been a shift of trend towards natural antioxidants and increased cost competitions are some other challenges this industry might have to cater to in the near future
There has been a shift of trend towards natural antioxidants and increased cost competitions are some other challenges this industry might have to cater to in the near future

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Wide range of risk and return opportunities in fast growing cities and developed economies
Natural Oxidants can enable use of high quantity of product for desired results and thereby negatively impact the costs incurred
Factors like yield time, extraction and treatment infrastructure requirement can increase the costs incurred created a pressure on pricing model thereby affecting the growth.
Synthetic being chemically sourced isn’t high on raw material investment as compared to natural
Chicken, pork and cow meat is a majorly consumed meat in Asian subcontinent due to its ready availability, low costs, variety of meat derivatives and acceptance by majority religions
This market is constricted with high entry barriers, owing to increased demand for natural antioxidants, stringent regulatory framework and high investments. Industrial rivalry is likely to remain high owing to brand loyalty and fast industrial growth over the forecast period