An Unsafe Environment?

Last night as I walked into the front door of the Budge Clinic I noticed a sign on the door that forbid firearms. I thought, “This sign probably makes some people feel safe and helps them to believe that somehow the sign makes for a safe gun-free zone where violent crime is no threat. They might believe that the words ‘No Firearms Allowed’ somehow makes the Budge Clinic a safe or safer environment.” I disagree with those thoughts. I believe putting up signs that do not allow employees and visitors the means to protect themselves against violent action makes those who obey the rules less safe as they cannot protect themselves from those violent criminals who do not obey the rules or the law. I thought to myself, “It may be that all the Budge Clinic has done is create an unsafe environment for employees and patients with this sign that requires law abiding citizens to disarm themselves and become helpless.”

I recently heard, but have not been able to verify, that an addict and a drug seeker recently threatened violence and mayhem at the Logan Regional Hospital adjacent to the Budge clinic. He and his armed friends were stopped by police and arrested before they arrived at the hospital to carry out their planned attack on the Emergency Department with the hope of stealing drugs and exacting revenge. Apparently the drug seeker is suffering from mental illness and is considered to be very dangerous.

Who knows what this dangerous gang of men might have done to all the unarmed patients and employees in that department. Perhaps they would have carried their attack down the hall to the Budge Clinic where my wife and many others would have been defenseless against the onslaught. It’s nice that the police were able to stop this crime before it happened, but that is not often the case in the world at large.

Dozens of unarmed employees and many dozens of additional unarmed patients would have been at risk as they, the people who obey the rules, would not have had the means to protect themselves.

What if this group of criminals had arrived and killed a dozen unarmed people before being stopped by security officers or by police? Would the hospital have been sued for creating an unsafe environment by demanding that employees and patients be unarmed and defenseless inside their building?

When we think of unarmed teachers and students in our schools and remember Columbine and Sandy Hook we see the terrible results of the disarming of our good, law abiding citizens. They are unable to defend themselves against violent criminal attack. The signs on the front doors saying “no firearms allowed” are ignored by the criminals who bring guns and even bombs and ignore the signs. These “gun free zones” are really “killing zones” for the mentally unstable mass murderers of our society today. I’m surprised that Columbine and Sandy Hook haven’t been sued by the families of the victims for creating an unsafe environment, a gun-free zone or killing zone, that encouraged the mass murderers to prey on defenseless victims. All the attorneys must be asleep at the wheel to miss this no-brainer opportunity to prevail in massive lawsuits. It almost makes me want to pursue a law degree.

I am not picking on the Budge Clinic. It has the same foolish policy as thousands of other businesses in America today, the policy that asks law abiding American citizens to check their 2nd Amendment rights at the front door and trust the organization to protect them from mayhem, a trust that is often betrayed.

These organizations and businesses would create a safer environment if they had signs on the door that said, “Law Abiding Citizens Encouraged to Carry Concealed Weapons On Our Premises for Protection.” As the old saying goes, “An armed society is a polite society.” Killers are often discouraged in their planned mayhem by armed citizens. Time and again armed citizens have been the ones to stop cold blooded killers from taking innocent life. For one example of an armed citizen taking action to bring a serial killer to heel Please see this account of the Trolly Square shooting link

In America there is a lot said about saving the environment. The rhetoric has expanded into an earth loving Pantheistic religion that nearly places the creation above the creator. I assume that environmentalists want to preserve the environment so there will be a safe environment for humans (and other animals) to live. They should be anxious to create a safe environment for all law abiding humans. Perhaps they will join me in the fight for the right to keep and bear arms at all times, in all places, in these United States of America.

It is time for America’s churches, hospitals, clinics, businesses, post offices, schools, universities, government establishments, and other organizations to encourage law abiding citizens to carry loaded weapons on the premises in order to create a safe or safer environment. I would ask those organizations to take down those foolish “no firearms allowed” signs and rethink what creates a safe environment. You don’t make innocent people safer by disarming them, you make them more vulnerable to criminal, violent attack.

See: It’s Time to Allow Teachers to Be Armed, no More Sandy Hooks.” link

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