America’s Real Deal Will Feature The Glute Pros During Its Pilot Season On Facebook Watch

One of the companies America’s Real Deal will feature on Facebook in March 2020 is called The Glute Pros.nJ16q-JujnibENz0H_7ysFZHFOIlBjrb9HMmW2c1ArMF9DcE5-MChgLwepmvV10RQvm54KveKC228CCkj4k72jONtRF6nrZYaVT8baTe-iQC6Yugl61sBy3dsRHJjPUg_AoKpEMt

Season 1 of America’s Real Deal will begin airing in March 2020. Facebook Watch is an incredible platform, projected to double the number of viewers of current television networks. And, rather than simply promote content, it is designed to engage communities, which is why it is statistically a perfect fit for the interactive nature of America’s Real Deal. Kbm1KgHkABaF5yBHRuYQ9Itj1M2H9heIhgt7wC55WC70Od8bGUpULd3FiVfA6PAqpxVXNTCsP2gRRR-pQgJO9Ol3yd_3nGCQT90dUWhAvJiz4FKbwE72EU-O8EKA6tliTACFBAvH

Entrepreneurs like the owners of The Glute Pros traveled from all across the nation, to participate in America’s Real Deal Pitch Event in Fort Worth, Texas. These business owners underwent pre-audition interviews, applications, and three additional pitch rounds before they were able to pitch their business to our celebrity hosts Kevin Harrington and Forbes Riley.

Kevin Harrington was an original shark on “Shark Tank,” and the creator of the Infomercial. Forbes Riley calls herself the “Billionaire Business Icon” as she has helped entrepreneurs sell over a billion dollars on QVC and Home Shopping Network.

Out of hundreds of applicants, our executive producers narrowed it down to our Top 16 entrepreneurs and from there they will be narrowing it down to our Top 8 contestants. The Glute Pros made it into the Top 16. Watch to see if they made it into the Top 8. These TV show contestants have been vetted and their crowdfunding investment offerings have been accepted by the Securities and Exchange Commission to help protect the audience. c8Y_JRcyDwT6h9FtRyfOYi8qEMz62A09b-V3zUa8IlsL5P2TVL50dC42PSwAciSVPa2nh_5YMQt6f5xbyhpm3ANY-jlDFWaun6n5MZqvEyWpWOgNlhISC1v3OZPjoAsNMZtOneYV

Through the audience’s engagement, America will decide this season’s winner as they VOTE, BUY, and INVEST in the companies they believe are AMERICA’S REAL DEAL!