Alpine Chocolate Company Opens Featuring Sterling Truffle Bars

Alpine Chocolate Company has opened its online doors featuring the Sterling Truffle Bars which have been showcased on the Food Channels???????? program, ??????Unwrapped?????? and ??????Kid in a Candy Store.?????? There have also been segments on The Today Show and Bullseye, as well as being featured in magazines. The Sterling Truffle Bar has made a chocolate splash.

Lee Everton of the Alpine Chocolate Company explains that, ??????we chose to add the Sterling Truffle Bar as our first product because of the quality. The Sterling Truffle Bar is made with the best Belgium chocolate.?????? He goes on to explain that, ??????only one preservative is used in the truffle bar and it is a natural preservative.?????? This gives the truffle bar a shelf life of at least six months.

The Sterling Truffle Bar is not just a unique gift, or accoutrement to any party, but it is luxurious and silky as you taste it. This is the reason that we have started offering the many flavors for online purchase, or distributing to dealers around the world.

For additional information, people can contact us through our website at alpinechocolatecompany.com or at Alpine Chocolate Company.


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