Albuquerque: Today the Mayor Signed

Albuquerque New Mexico mayor signingThis Week the Mayor Signed:

  • O-16-26: Adoption of a new section of ROA 1994 Ch. 12, Article 2 proscribing any person from communicating violence or a threat against schools or public places, or causes evacuation, lock down or disruption, other than a “bomb scare”.
  • R-16-69: Establish a pilot Basic Life Support rescue program and protocols for Fire BLS Rescue Units to provide first-response services for non-life threatening medical calls, including persons suffering from intoxication and substance abuse in public places, and provides an appropriation of $100,000 of existing Fire Department funds for purchase of supplies and equipment.
  • R-16-90: Authorize the Mayor to execute an amended contract with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the Running Start for Careers Initiative to fund the provision of community navigators for entrepreneurs, shared governance, and data equity for the Albuquerque Integration Initiative and provides an appropriation of $237,000 to the Department of Family and Community Services beginning FY17.
  • R-16-92: Approve and authorize the filing of a U.S. EPA air pollution control grant application for operation of the Air Quality Programs to protect public health, economic well-being, and aesthetic values for the community. It also provides an appropriation of $1,822,047 to the Environmental Health Department, of which $763,047 are EPA grant funds and $1,059,000 are matched operating grants funds beginning on October 1, 2016.
  • R-16-105: Amend the adopted Aviation Department’s Capital Implementation Program by approving new and transferred funds for projects, and federal and state grant acceptance, continuation of the Terminal Improvement  Project (TIP) and Airport Center for Excellence (ACE), and acceptance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NM State Highway and Transportation, Aviation Division, (NMDOT) funds.

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