Albuquerque: Recently the Mayor Signed

Recently the Mayor Signed:

  • R-17-202: Approving a U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) 2017 National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) in FY18. APD will use these funds to build capacity, infrastructure, and analyze the untested 3,948 sexual assault kits housed at the APD Crime Lab. An appropriation of $2,990,796 to APD for FY18 through FY20, which includes $174,604 in IDOH costs to be covered by the grant award.
  •  O-16-19: To the benefit of the Existing Real Property and Facilities Management programs, create a centralized Asset Management Department to ensure that all processes related to the acquisition, leasing and disposition of real property and facilities management follow current industry standards for property management and energy efficiency. Funding for the Asset Management Department shall come from existing funding for those purposes currently appropriated within the Cultural Services, Family and Community Services, Fire, Municipal Development, Parks and Recreation, Planning, Police and Transit departments and from any additional funds allocated by Council.
  • O-17-44: Adoption of a City of Albuquerque Fire Code for the purpose of establishing the minimum requirements consistent with nationally recognized good practice. The Fire Code is to supplement any and all laws relating to fire safety and apply to all persons. The Code will repeal the Fire Prevention code (Ordinance No. 0-2012-029). It shall be enforced by the Fire Marshal, a person who is appointed by the Fire Chief, and the Fire Marshal’s Office. When a conflict exists in specific code requirements between applicable sections of the Life Safety Code, the International Fire Code, the International Building Code (IBC), and the Uniform Administrative Codes, the Fire Code Official will make the determination on which code to use that best meets the public safety requirements of the jurisdiction.

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