Albuquerque: Recently the Mayor Signed

Recently the Mayor Signed:

  • O-16-27: As authorized by NMSA 1970 § 3-19-9 and by Albuquerque’s home rule powers, and in order to maintain the intent of the policies and internal consistency in the Code of Ordinances (ROA 1994), revisions to ROA 1994 to change the language in the locations in the Code of Ordinances (ROA 1994) which use language referring to Developing Urban Areas, Redeveloping Urban, Established Urban Areas, and/or Central Urban Areas. The following sections in the Code of Ordinances (ROA 1994) will be updated:

o   Complete Streets Ordinance

  • § 6-5-6-2 Intent and Purposes
  • § 6-5-6-4 Applicability

o   Special Assessment District Policy

  • § 6-8-2-2 Preparation of SAD Engineer’s Report
  • § 6-8-6-2 City Credit Support

o   Subdivision Regulations

  • § 14-14-4-5 Public Right of Way Standards and Street Characteristics
  • § 14-14-5-1 Improvements Required

o   Zoning, Planning and Building

  • § 14-16-1-15 Definitions
  • § 14-16-2-6 R-1 Residential Zone
  • § 14-16-2-9 R-T Residential Zone
  • § 14-16-2-10 R-G Residential Garden Apartment Zone
  • § 14-16-2-11 R-2 Residential Zone
  • § 14-16-2-12 R-3 Residential Zone
  • § 14-16-2-22 SU-1 Special Use Zone
  • § 14-16-2-1 Establishment of Zones
  • R-16-108: As authorized by NMSA 1970 § 3-19-9 and by Albuquerque’s home rule powers, adopting an updated Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan. In April 2014, enactment No. R-2014-022 directed the City to update the Plan in coordination with Bernalillo County, the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) and other agencies. Prominent aspects to be addressed in updated the Plan: To meet the needs for an increased range of housing options that are closer to employment centers, especially west of the Rio Grande; preservation of agricultural lands to protect rural character and cultural traditions; updates to land-use policies and regulations from suburban, single-family detached development to urban, mixed-use areas in response to changes in population demographics and anticipated growth; analysis and revision of Rank II (Area Plans) and Rank III (Sector Development Plans) lower-ranking plans, to ensure they support and are consistent with an updated Rank I Plan. Adoption of findings as recommended by the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC).
  • R-16-109: Revising City of Albuquerque Code of Resolutions, Revised Ordinances of Albuquerque (ROA 1994), to update terms in Annexation policies that refer to designated comprehensive plan areas, which are being updated as part of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan as follows: Annexation of areas designed by the Plan as Established Urban and Developing Urban, unless the City concludes that the anticipated delay in provision of City services is so far into the future as to be speculative and, therefore, an unreasonable basis to provide for annexation.
  • R-17-159: Amending Sections 2 and 3 of R-16-147 concerning the future management of Candelaria Farm Preserve as a nature study area and wildlife preserve as follows: Section 2: The City directs the Open Space Division (OSD) and the Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) to immediately begin the process of creating a new Resource Management Plan (RMP) for Candelaria Farm Preserve. The Open Space Advisory Board shall have oversight of the process to complete the RMP; Section 3: The Board shall name a lead and alternate lead for the Technical Advisory Group, who shall immediately convene a group. A list of the Group members shall be submitted to the Board, OSD, PRD and City Council. The Group shall submit a status report on the RMP to Council upon request.

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