Albuquerque: Recently the Mayor Signed

Recently the Mayor Signed:

  • C/S O-17-33: Amending the City’s Purchasing Ordinance § 5-5-31 as “Pay Equity Reporting Form and Pay Equity Preference”.

o   All competitive sealed bids and proposals shall include a Pay Equity Reporting Form, as enforced by the Central Purchasing Office and the CIP Official.

  • Any bid or proposal that does not have the Form shall be deemed nonresponsive unless it is submitted within 24 hours of the response deadline.
  • Each private person or entity that has already submitted a bid or proposal may submit the Form prior to final execution of the contract.

o   The Central Purchasing Office or CIP Official shall apply a 5% pay equity preference to the amount bid or RFP of all offers submitted which holds a valid Pay Equity Business Certificate issued by the Office of Diversity and Human Rights (ODHR).

o   A pay equity business is any business that maintains a deviation of 7.00% or less between salaries paid to men and women for comparable positions.

o   Certificates issued by ODHR shall be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance; the City will honor existing certificates until the date of expiration.

o   Mayor, or designated rep, ODHR Director, or its successor agency, shall enforce this section.

  • F/S O-17-36: In accordance with NMSA 1978 § 6-15-5 and § 6-15-10, authorizing the issuance and sale to the State of New Mexico $34,107,000 City of Albuquerque GO Bonds consisting of $22,850,000 Series 2017A General Purpose GO Bonds, and $11,257,000 Series 2017B Short-Term GO Bonds, which were authorized at an election of the City held on October 6, 2015, to finance projects relating to:

o   Public Safety $3,815,000

o   Citizens’ Centers $5,570,000

o   Parks and Recreation $3,060,000

o   Facilities & Equipment $5,705,000

o   Library $4,085,000

o   Public Transportation $217,000

o   Streets $3,675,000

o   Zoo, BioPark and Museum Facilities $240,000

o   Storm Sewer Systems $7,740,000

  • O-17-35: Pursuant to NMSA 1978 §§ 5-10-1 through 5-10-13 and City ordinance F/S O-04-10 the “LEDA Ordinance”, approving the construction and occupancy of an airplane hangar, office space and related improvements at the Albuquerque Sunport involving CSI Aviation, Inc., including 10 new full-time employees by November 1, 2021, and at least 40 full-time employees at the facility through November 1, 2016, and authorizing the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to execute and deliver the Project Participation Agreement and other documents; and further authorization of the Mayor, CAO, City Treasurer and City Clerk to execute and deliver documents, including an intergovernmental agreement with the State Economic Development Department.
  • O-17-37: Amending the Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Council ordinance ROA 1994 §§ 2-6-5-1 through 2-6-5-6 as follows:

o   ABQ ADA Council shall be comprised of 7 members, whom shall be individuals with disabilities, appointed by the Mayor, and subject to the advice and consent of the Council.

o   Allowing for ABQ ADA Council members to participate in monthly meetings by means of a conference telephone, web-based broadcast such as Skype™, or other similar communications equipment and/or software where it is otherwise difficult or impossible for the member to attend.

o   Amendment to the Duties, Responsibilities and Powers.

o   Council will receive effective and ongoing training and technical assistance from the City’s Office of Diversity and Human Rights (ODHR).

  • R-15-188: Pursuant to NMSA 1978 §§ 5-15-1 through 5-15-28, the Tax Increment for Development Act and ROA 1994 §§ 4-10-1 through 4-10-8, declaring the intent of the City Council to consider for adoption a resolution approving the formation of a Lower Petroglyphs Tax Increment Development District. The petition, submitted by Western Albuquerque Land Holdings, LLC, for formation of the District and application including, among other things, a financial feasibility study, request the formation of the District dedicating 75% of GRT increment revenue and up to 75% of the property tax increment revenue, in order to finance public infrastructure that directly or indirectly benefits or otherwise facilitates development within the approximately 336 acres of land known collectively as the Town Center and the Town Center Village. As proposed, the District may impose a tax levy in the amount not to exceed $5.00 per $1,000 of net taxable value of taxable property within the District.
  • R-16-143: Adopted and added to the Albuquerque Code of Resolutions at § 3-11-6 the “Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Testing Resolution”, a resolution to provide justice to victims of sexual assault by establishing timeframes and practices for processing sexual assault evidence kits by APD. Unless otherwise required by state law, the Albuquerque Police Department shall store any non-reported sexual assault evidence kits received for a minimum of two years; after two years, the Department may destroy the non-reported kit, in its discretion or upon request of the victim may elect to retain the kit for a longer period of time. Unless otherwise required by state law, when the Albuquerque Police Department receives a kit in connection with the investigation of a criminal case, the Department must submit evidence from the case within ten business days of receipt to forensic or Chief of Policy approved laboratory. All new kits submitted to the Crime Lab Evidence Room will be analyzed within three months of their submission, while Crime Lab concurrently develops a plan and identifies resources to clear untested kits. Three month timeframe will go into effect when the Crime Lab is staffed with ten full-time qualified analysts, but no later than October 2018; APD will report quarterly on this goal’s progress.
  • R-17-155: Approving a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 2017 Continuum of Care grant application and providing for an appropriation in the amount of $3,333,693 to the Department of Family and Community Services, of which $5,184 is for IDOH, for FY18. The City and the NM Coalition to End Homelessness have identified the following priorities:

o   To provide rapid re-housing for homeless facilities

o   To provide transitional housing for homeless individuals with disabilities

o   To provide permanent, supportive housing for homeless households with disabilities

  • The Continuum of Care program is HUD’s comprehensive and coordinated approach to addressing and resolving homelessness

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