Albuquerque: Recently the Mayor Signed

Recently the Mayor Signed:

  • R-16-139: Amending the adopted Capital Implementation Program to provide for a soccer stadium feasibility study and authorizing the Director of Council Services to enter into a contract for completion of the study. A 10,000 seat stadium primarily tenanted or owned by the Albuquerque Sol Football Club enables the Club to seek entry into the United Soccer League (USL).
  • F/S R-16-140: Creating new priority objectives within the public safety goal and establishing additional City policy relating to the processing of untested sexual assault evidence kits in the possession of APD including increased student enrollment in APD career qualifying programs, establishment of an Albuquerque Sexual Assault Evidence Response Team (ASERT), investigate and plan to apply for DOJ Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) grant funding, conduct a forensic science salary survey, and assistance by the DPS Crime Lab in reducing the number of unprocessed kits.
  • R-16-144: Renaming the pedestrian overpass crossing Gibson Blvd SE between Carlisle Blvd SE and Amherst Dr. SE as the Marshall Kovitz Overpass in honor of Marshall Kovitz’s many contributions and dedication to the City.
  • R-16-147: City reaffirms that the Candelaria Farm Preserve is to be managed as a nature study area and wildlife preserve providing access to outdoor recreational opportunities for all residents and visitors, as required by the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Act.

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