Too few Americans know anything about the UN????????s plan for the world in the 21st Century, a plan called AGENDA 21. Fewer still, mostly ranchers, farmers, logging and mining companies that have come up against features of the plan, know about the Wildlands project born of the Biodiversity Treaty. But it is time that Americans who own private property or want to own property listen to the many warnings about the UN and its plans.

The combined ranks of Internationalsists and central planners who want to plan all action concerning land, the socialists who seek to create a vast network of wildlands commons out of America, those who seek to destroy private property rights for the average America are linked together in this enormous plan that is sold as an environmental plan for ??????sustainable development?????? but it is about control as anyone who reads it will come to understand.

Investigative Reporter William F. Jasper of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine (a subsidiary of The John Birch Society) was among the first to warn America in 1992 about the UN????????s plan for the world that was encapsulated in the massive AGENDA 21 document introduced at the UN CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (UNCED), the so-called ??????EARTH SUMMIT?????? held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His articles warned us that the UN????????s green agenda wasn????????t really about saving our planet, but about gaining control over humans and their assets. In other words AGENDA 21 is about accumulating power in the hands of government bureaucracies, UN approved NGOs, and favored organizations or businesses.

At first copies of the massive UN AGENDA 21 plan were very difficult to come by, then an abridged version was published in 1993. The abridged version edited by environmental lawyer Daniel Sitarz is a 321-page UN plan covering everything on earth, in the air, on or under the oceans, human, animal, plant, mineral, or energy.

??????The successful implementation of the far-ranging actions proposed by AGENDA 21 will require active participation by people throughout the world, at the local, national and global levels. There are measures that are directed at all levels of society- from international bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank to local groups and individuals. There are specific actions which are intended to be undertaken by multinational corporations and entrepreneurs, by financial institutions and individual investors, by high-tech companies and indigenous people, b workers and labor union, by farmers and consumers, by students and schools, by governments and legislators, by scientists, by women, by children???????in short, by every person on earth???????.numerous specific persona actions are outlined and intended to be undertaken by individual citizens throughout the world.?????????????(Page 7, Chapter 1, Understanding AGENDA 21, ??????Agenda 21-the Earth summit Strategy To Save Our Planet, edited by Daniel Sitarz.)

In 1992 William Jasper????????s well research book ??????GLOBAL TYRANNY ???????STEP BY STEP- The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order?????? was published. The book contained a full chapter on ??????The Global Green Regime,?????? but at that time too many Americans saw any critical writings concerning the UN as ??????conspiracy theory?????? and Establishment controlled mainstream media simply belittled any writer who dared warn of the true intentions of the UN and those who back the would-be world government.

Beyond articles published by William F. Jasper after his 1992 book was published which warned of the UN????????s agenda for the world America was fortunate that in 2001 Mr. Jasper wrote and published his second book about the United Nations titled: THE UNITED NATIONS EXPOSED-The Internationalist Conspiracy to Rule the World.?????? Chapter six of that thoroughly researched book was titled: ENVIROMANIA and gave a vivid description of the 1992 UN EARTH SUMMIT and what machinations lead up to the Rio event. The book is still available and remains very worth reading.

Twenty years later we see that some cities in Utah have joined the United Nation????????s Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). Those Utah community governments that have now joined as dues-paying members of ICLEI are: Salt Lake City government, St. George city government, and Park City government. Also the Summit County government has joined the UN????????s NGO ICLEI.

A question that comes to my mind is: Will hired facilitators championing ??????Sustainable Development,?????? and ??????green belts?????? now work to see that the City of Orem, or Ogden City, or Provo City will be next to join ICLEI? Being concerned about the sanctity of the Right to individual private property ownership and control I believe the Utah State Legislature needs to rapidly become aware of this local Agenda 21 issue, study it, discuss it and consider legislation prohibiting Utah cities and counties from joining ICLEI or adopting ICLEI suggested ordinances in our cities. Agenda 21 comes into city governments as ??????Sustainable Development,?????? or ??????resilient cities,?????? or some other green label promoted by paid facilitators.

Today I have taken some time to share information with my two State Legislators and yesterday with a reporter at a local newspaper as part of my support for Utah’s JBS ad hoc committee the local “Utah Rollback Agenda 21 Committee.

Alabama State Senator Dial sponsored a successful bill, S.B. 477, in the Alabama Legislature that passed and provides a model for other legislatures who seek to hamper the growing influence of the UN????????s AGENDA 21 ??????Sustainable Development?????? collectivist-central-planning-cancer inside their states. S.B. 477 can be found on the website jbs.org under the Stop Agenda 21 action plan.


Years back I also bumped into another organization here in Utah that was making presentation at Utah city halls. That outfit is called ??????Envision Utah?????? and in my opinion they appeared to promote the same kind of central planning designs over Utah land owners, designs that envision ??????open space green belts?????? created around Utah cities that could infringe upon the private property rights of Utah????????s land owners.

Could there be an undiscovered connection between Envision Utah and ICLEI or AGENDA 21? That I don????????t know, but perhaps Envision Utah could be investigated by State Legislators to see if there is some tie in to ICLEI or AGENDA 21.

Wherever you live if you want to obtain some deeper understanding of the convoluted process the UN and its allies have been using to propagandize Americans and to coerce Americans out of rural areas and off of their land listen to this excellent discussion by several authorities on the UN and its 21st century agenda online:


If you????????ve listened to the website broadcast above then you have a better understanding of how this UN cancer has metastasized inside our nation and that only very organized efforts such as The JBS has put offered have a hope of turning this process back once it has a grip on your city or town government or of just preventing your city????????s mayor and council members from coming under the spell of the facilitators and AGENDA 21 propaganda. Remember city leaders egos often get invested in implementation of the plans they????????ve been given and taken credit for and city money has been spent on ??????Sustainable Development?????? plans so don????????t barge in suddenly yelling that the UN is taking over your city. You need to do research as was pointed out in the radio/Internet broadcast above from ??????Financial Sense News Hour.??????

An appropriately 21-minute video ??????AGENDA 21: HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOU??????? which can be shared over the Internet and that contains a great deal of background information was produced by The John Birch Society and is found here:

If you????????ve had a chance to view the video then you can see that this is a major battle that has been growing over decades of time, that a great deal of money has been invested by Internationalists in creating support for “Sustainable Development” plans and too few of us are actively engaged in working to protect our property Rights. To get involved in an organized nation-wide effort to expose the UN and its agenda you should contact The John Birch Society at www.jbs.org.

For those living in Utah close enough to attend you can hear William F. Jasper who will be speaking about AGENDA 21 on Friday, September 28th, at the Old Highland City Hall at 7:00 PM, at 10400 N. Alpine HWY, Highland, UT.


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