In the lobby of a venerable institution of Riverside, The Mission Inn, John Birch Society Coordinator Joe Panzarello and I awaited the arrival of two young men we were to meet with. We had already inspected the Mexican cannon????????s on display outside of the hotel lobby and the large colorful birds that were housed in a metal cage. We had looked at displays of bells, the paintings of presidents who had visited the Inn and other art works upon the walls.

We were pleased when the two young businessmen arrived to meet with us to discuss their questions about The John Birch Society (JBS). We sat in the lobby area for our conversation surrounded by tall vases and the comings and goings within the Inn????????s high traffic lobby area but we were able to carry on our conversation.

Joe asked had had drawn the two men to The JBS and they replied that they had been looking into the influence of the United Nations???????? AGENDA 21 program upon their community through Riverside????????s city government????????s membership in a UN non-governmental organization, ICLEI. ICLEI is an acronym for International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives. Today ICLEI has retained its acronymic initials, but changed its name to ??????Local Governments for Local Environmental Initiatives,???????? apparently to help hide the linkage of ICLEI to the Internationalists???????? agendas for the 21st Century that are pursued by the United Nations and defined in its AGENDA 21 publication.

Through investigating the UN????????s AGENDA 21 the two investigators kept bumping into articles and videos produced by The John Birch Society. That, we told them, was not surprising. It is not surprising because The JBS began warning Americans about the UN????????s AGENDA 21 in 1992 after the UN????????s so-called ??????EARTH SUMMIT?????? was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At UNCED, the UN EARTH SUMMIT, the lengthy UN document AGENDA 21 was released as if it was a product of the summit. But having been already written and printed its 1,100-pages were not the supposed democratic product of the 30,000 gathered in Rio. It got some editing in Rio and new iterations were printed, but it was not dreamed up by the throng, but carefully put together prior to the event by think thanks like the CFR. Two copies of the hard to obtain document made their way back to the United States to the headquarters of The John Birch Society.

The John Birch Society had accepted the expense to send investigative reporter William F. Jasper to Brazil to attend the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) to report on the UN event within the pages of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine that summer over twenty years ago.

Not only did Mr. Jasper report on UNCED in the magazine????????s pages, thus initiating some awareness coast to coast about the UN????????s Earth Summit within the volunteer ranks of John Birch Society membership, but he brought those two copies of AGENDA 21 back to America with him. He also included information about the environmental agenda found within AGENDA 21 and at the EARTH SUMMIT in the pages of his 1992 book GLOBAL TYRANNY STEP BY STEP and again in his later book THE UNITED NATIONS EXPOSED that was published in 2001.

We were not surprised to find that the young men before us had found that the root of understanding about the UN????????s agenda for the 21st century sprung from The JBS efforts over decades of time to expose the United Nations agenda publicly. After all The JBS has been tracking the United Nations since the creation of The JBS in 1958 and JBS publications, films, volunteer members and staff have been warning Americans ever since, despite enormous opposition, that the UN founders sought nothing less than the establishment of a global government through the empowerment of the UN and the entangling of nation states by treaties and other agreements with the UN????????s designs.

The loosely defined ??????Sustainable development?????? and ??????open space?????? preservation are the ostensible issues for which ICLEI and its associated facilitators champion ICLEI membership for city governments. But although such terms as sustainable development that ICLEI and its associated groups use to insinuate themselves into the governments of local cities and counties sound good they mask the underlying AGENDA 21 agendas that are really involved in adoption of ICLEI????????s designs, ordinances, and views.

While personally reading the abridged version of AGENDA 21 I have found that there is an animosity within its pages toward private property ownership and control, an animosity toward human populations and desire to limit the human population and to reduce it. Even the consumption of food by humans needs to be reduced according to the UN one-worlders who preach the UN????????s anti-human, radical environmental message. It is funny that the leaders of the UN want to reduce human populations but they never volunteer to start the reduction with their own lives. It is always some other population that needs to be reduced.

There in Mission Inn we suggested that the two gentlemen we met with ought to explore further some of the history of the founding of the United Nations and the history of the influential and secretive organization that was so responsible for that founding- the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). I suggested that they should read James Perloff????????s book ??????THE SHADOWS OF POWER- The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline.?????? They said they would. Joe pointed them towards a local health food store not far from us that also had shelves of books for sale where they could purchase the book or they could find it online at

After some further conversation about The John Birch Society????????s national organization of Chapters, its publications, its field staff, its headquarters facilities, its research department, its videos and DVDs, its websites, its book store (, and the many other elements that make up The JBS we found that the two men were eager to become part of our Society so they too could participate in the educational actions that could help free their community and state from the UN????????s tentacles that were already grasping some 122 local California governments in ICLEI membership.

Of course we pointed out that there is good news because there continues to be a surging opposition to the United Nations, to membership in the United Nations, to the UN????????s Agenda 21, and to the so-called ??????Sustainable Development?????? plans of the UN and its spawn ICLEI.

While ??????Think globally, act Locally?????? has been the slogan of Internationalists, progressives, socialists, and their ilk for many years, the past couple of decades has seen the radical environmentalists and UN/ICLEI partisans working hard to fasten the UN????????s AGENDA 21 mandates upon local community governments worldwide, but especially in California and the United States. But today the trend is for local governments to catch on to what is being done to them and to withdraw from ICLEI membership and stop paying dues to ICLEI, why? Organized opposition to the UN????????s agenda, to AGENDA 21 and to ICLEI in communities coast to coast has been springing up, often thanks to the impetus supplied by The John Birch Society members in a given local.

In Riverside the time will come soon that JBS literature such as our reprinted articles and dollar-priced DVDs on the subject of ICLEI and AGENDA 21 will start to appear and influence local opinion molders and city government officials.

The booklet ??????AGENDA 21 AND YOU?????? for example, or the reprint ??????YOUR HOMETOWN & THE UNITED NATIONS???????? AGENDA 21?????? are available for purchase from so that these educational items can be shared within any American community to either inoculate them against the ICLEI disease or to overcome the infection that has already been acquired.

The more individuals that join The JBS in Riverside the more opposition to ICLEI and AGENDA 21 will be built within the precincts of the city. There is hope to roll back AGENDA 21 in Riverside and in the other cities in California where the UN????????s AGENDA 21 is cloaked and lurking, but it will take responsible actions on the part of concerned citizens who seek to protect private property rights.


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