AFD Paramedic & APS Students Practice MCI Drills

Albuquerque, N.M.- Albuquerque Fire Department Paramedic students and APS High School students are teaming up again today, January 17th, 2017 to participate in two mock MCI (multi-casualty incidents) to practice and test their skills. EMTs and Cosmetology students from APS Career Enrichment Center will be joining AFD Paramedics in the all-day training. The students must respond to, treat, and transport a high number of patients with varying degrees of injury.  Approximately twenty cosmetology students from CEC will apply makeup and props on patients to show cuts, abrasions, burns and penetrating injuries. EMTs and paramedic students will be taking turns as patients and responders in the scenarios which will help AFD paramedic students with the completion of the certification program requirements.

“We are proud that our paramedic students have the opportunity to once again partner with students from APS Career Enrichment Center,” said Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downey. “It’s important that both EMTs and Paramedics practice their skills so they are prepared when real emergency incidents occur.”

The AFD paramedic students are currently in the second half of the program, which focuses on rapid assessment, critical thinking, problem solving, and use of correct clinical identification and treatment. The MCI drill provides a realistic environment to challenge the students’ knowledge and serves as a useful evaluation tool for the instructors. In the morning, a simulated indoor gas explosion will occur in one of the classrooms and in the afternoon, a simulated plane crash will occur on the Albuquerque Fire Department Drill Field. Both exercises will involve twenty patients that will require assessment, treatment, and transport.


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