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St. George Utah, USA – February 9, 2015  – Two years of concerted effort has culminated in the opening of an outdoor adventure reservation center in St. George.  The St. George Adventure Hub offers reservation services for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, jeep tours, horseback riding, and golf, as well as services such as spa treatments, entertainment tickets, and recreation equipment rentals.
“This operation was part of a business plan that we had hoped to establish many years ago,” says Mark Wade, one of the company owners. “But it took a more recent collective effort to get to the point where we actually got it done.”  The Adventure Hub makes reservations for services provided by other companies. “Our intention is to be a clearing house for visitor information and a place where people can come for answers about what to see and do in St. George,” says Wade.  
Wade, along with partner Jason Murray, and office manager Jeff Tuscano have spent hundreds of hours just setting up arrangements with local guides, outfitters, entertainment venues, and other companies that offer travel related services.  They say they have been fielding inquiries, mostly from out-of-town visitors, for a wide array of activities. “There is a segment of the traveling public that wants to make sure they are planning the right experience, and using their valuable time in the best possible way,” says Murray.  “When it comes to a knowledge about how to best experience St. George and the surrounding area, we have a great level of expertise to offer.”
One of the newest products that the Adventure Hub offers is a Saturday morning guided hike.  Visitors or local residents can participate in a half-day guided hiking experience with a trained guide who knows the history, geology, and biology of the area.  “Hiking guides are also trained Wilderness First Responders (WFR) just to be prepared for the rare emergency,” says Murray. 
The abundance of information along with a one-stop reservation agency, all in one location, is a service that has not been available in the St. George area.  Local tourism leaders and business owners have been supportive of this concept that has finally come to fruition.

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