AdVent Mobi and SEO Optimization

AdVent Mobi and SEO Optimization
        As a local business owner you may be searching for ways to improve the visibility and productivity of your business in this volatile economy and with SEO Engineering, AdVent Mobi can use their site tools, along with Google tools and analytics to help you as a customer in the areas of:

  • Growth
  • Traffic
  • Content
  • Advertisement
  • Social Engagement
  • Search Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Media Optimization
  • And Quality Analysis

        The benefits of SEO include the use of key words and phrases related to your business that search engines look for to bring you recognition.  These help keep your company up to date within your market by attracting more links to your sites-which increases potential business and your bottom line-profitability.

        Some of the Key Points to utilizing SEO are online recognition which brings potential customers- allowing you to get ahead of your competitors. By increasing the number of visitors to your sites by using Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) from all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) you bring your company to the attention of potential clientele and existing customers, other organizations and businesses; even bloggers.'

        When you use keyword research, competitive industry analysis and reports, backend coding and market development offered through AdVent Mobi your business can be found.  And BEING FOUND is the most important thing you can do these days to improve your business.

        SEO Nap means that AdVent Mobi will ensure that your business Name, Address and Phone Numbers are correct throughout all your web sites.  Recent survey’s concluded that of a thousand people polled many businesses had about 68 online listings, and 41% of those have inaccurate addresses, and at least 3 different phone numbers.  Almost 50% of those surveyed had negative reactions to the incorrect information which led many to find other merchants from whom to make their purchases.

         When you as a business build your presence across the Web, you need correct NAP, consistent and accurate information and data as well as the correct amount of data. Some of the excellent benefits you will experience as a result will be an increase in the number of citations, proper authority of listings, better amount of user generated content, and velocity of UGC creation.

        So-GET NOTICED!  By confirming that your business listings are correct, that your website is optimized with relevant content for local traffic, no alternative search terms will be found to create confusion.

        Data providers use four major search engines to review web sites, social sites GPS/vehicle navigation and online directories and when AdVent Mobi helps you create, simplify and synchronize your sites you’ll get noticed in and by: search portals, IVP directory’s,  Hyper Locals, Verticals, GPS Navigation and Mobile Apps.

        AdVent Mobi can help you take advantage of SEO and wide data coverage with up to date transparency for one flat price.  If, as a business owner, you are concerned about the most effective use of your time and the ease of using the software, there is no need to worry.  They can help you learn to use it, or do it for you on an ongoing basis to help you manage your site.

        So, take a peek at the ‘new look’ of their website and let them help you improve your business, locally and world-wide!


Content is the most important part of having quality links to your website. With Area-Info.net, we provide a quality location to share your story and include links to your website to help you grow. If you would like to learn more, visit this page to see how you can use Area-Info.net to rank higher and quicker in search engines. Contact me directly at [email protected] with any questions, or to schedule speaking engagements.

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