Achu’s Predictive Health AI Takes Center Stage

Achu Health, an AI-powered Health and Wellness Platform That Highlights Signs of Sickness and Fatigue Arising from Personal Health Patterns

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–With an unusually bad cold and flu season upon us, everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy. Achu Health™ (Achu), developed by Datapult Inc., is an entirely revamped, optimized and smarter version of its health iOS® App that identifies patterns and increases awareness of potential sickness – days before it happens.

Achu Health is a health and wellness platform designed to help build healthy lifestyle habits, increase productivity, reduce unnecessary healthcare costs, and decrease the overall impact of cold and flu. As part of the platform, Achu’s SickScan® tracks outbreaks, trends and densities of cold and flu reports in a user’s area in real-time and uncovers the current health outlook globally.

Achu Health is available on the App Store® for the iPhone® and Apple Watch® on March 31, 2020. It will also be available for use on the Fitbit® Versa and Ionic.

Achu applies proprietary machine learning algorithms to data collected from the Apple Watch and matches it with personal health data patterns that may lead to a cold or flu, all before feeling symptoms. Achu Health then enables users to take preventative measures to avoid illness altogether and to take a proactive stance on their health.

In addition to providing insights on sickness and fatigue, Achu uses its proprietary algorithm to create personalized, actionable goals that build and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits.

“What is really cool about Achu Health is that it is the first app of its kind to highlight sickness patterns ahead of time, actually enabling users to take proactive steps to try to avoid sickness,” said Tony Peticca, CEO of Achu. “Healthcare officials are asking people to be cautious, monitor symptoms, practice good hygiene, and lead an overall healthier lifestyle. Achu provides the tools to achieve all of this.”

How Does Achu Work?

Every day Achu asks three simple questions to create personal benchmarks, relating the user’s health data to how they feel. Achu understands that everyone is unique, and their bodies will not react to changes in the same way. This daily feedback is pivotal to presenting a fully personalized experience for each user. Achu guides them to improvement at an achievable pace with actionable goals.

Achu’s personalized insights allow a user to remain better informed and gain a deeper understanding of their current state of health. Achu’s goal engine provides an engaging experience for users to track and achieve health milestones by combining Achu’s algorithm with domain research to determine what will provide constant improvement.

Achu Health on the Apple Watch

Achu Health includes a watchOS companion App which facilitates quick and easy interactions, providing at-a-glance sickness and fatigue insights, and relevant notifications of the user’s health.


Privacy is a major concern when it comes to personal health data and is naturally one of Achu’s greatest priorities. As a result, Achu Health utilizes Apple’s Core ML® and HealthKit® platforms to perform all calculations on-device ensuring that their health data as it is never exposed to an environment outside of their device.

Achu Healthin the Enterprise

With workplace wellness and employee health becoming a crucial component to any organization, Achu positions its platform as the tool that will enable employers and employees to better understand sickness and fatigue within their organization.

About Achu

Datapult is a healthtech company that enables users to be informed about their health and build a healthy lifestyle. Based in Toronto, Canada, Datapult released its first product on the Fitbit Versa and Ionic platforms where it gained popularity, amassing 80,000+ downloads. Achu has evolved to focus on delivering a complete health and wellness solution by leveraging the full potential of wearable technology and machine learning while maintaining user-privacy, to revolutionize the personal health industry.

Achu has formed strategic relationships with major tech giants, as well as leading pharmaceutical and insurance companies, allowing for continued growth to match the great potential of our technology.

Achu is a registered trademark of Datapult Inc.

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