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Mark????????s Column,

You know everyone, I have to tell you the truth. Sometimes it is hard to think. One gets a bunch of things inside of your head, events that transpire throughout your regular daily experiences and you will have to do a bit of crisis management. Sometimes that happens with your own family. Sometimes it happens with business. Sometimes it happens with friends.

I had a meeting yesterday with a friend from years gone past. We use to play soccer together in high school. He was a much better player than I. Nonetheless, we were amongst those who brought the sport into this valley. Ernst Mayr and Peter Banks along with Ray Miller were the ones who brought soccer to Cache Valley. It????????s interesting to see how times change. Now there are young women????????s leagues, young kids of boys leagues, high school teams and everything else you can imagine. It is the innovators of society that make change. You know what, I still hear people tell me that soccer is a sport for wimps. Why? I don????????t understand. Perhaps they should go and play a game of soccer?

Back to what my column will focus on this week. . .SILVER. Everybody should have some silver at this point in American history. The banking systems are failing all around the world. As I discussed with a couple of business associates, the fiat system of currency is collapsing. Let me give you all a secret. Don????????t worry about it. The banksters are the ones that are going to have to worry about it. That is because the people are figuring this Ponzi Scheme of banking out. Now, we also have others in the mainstream media figuring it out from what is termed, ??????Alternative Media??????.

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I????????ll have another column coming soon. Until then, peace be with you always, and in all ways ~~


Mark Mayr is accomplished in several sports as well as a graduate from Utah State, Penn State, UC Irvine and the University of AZ. He is presently writing and working in Investor Relations.


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