A Visit to Lake Powell and Red Rock Country

Located in Southwest Utah and Northern Arizona, Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, and part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and one of the most scenic lakes in the United States.

Lake Powell is the second lake in size nationwide, with the capacity to store about 26,999,814 acre feet of water when it is at its maximum volume and boasting about 1,900 miles (3,057 km) or shoreline, a coast larger than the Pacific West Coast.

The lake has a total surface of 266 miles on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, featuring 96 major side canyons with the typical fine red-rock of the Desert of Utah, at an elevation of 3,700 feet (1,127 meters)

A project which originally was born in the late 1940s as part of a series of Colorado River dams is today a popular tourist destination with about 3 million visitors each year, a place where you can enjoy a range of activities for all the family.

As a premier fishing destination, Lake Powell offers to expert fishermen and anglers a variety of carp, suckers, and catfish, natives to the region, but also other introduced species, including walleye, bass, crappie, and bluegill, among others.

People who enjoy archeological sites will be able to discover the roots of Ancient Native American tribes that once lived here, such as the “Anasazi”, term that the Navajo used to describe the Ancestral Puebloan culture of this region.

Canyons along the Colorado River are silent witnesses of those civilizations that left numerous petroglyphs, pictographs, corn cobs, baskets, pot shards, dwellings and storage rooms to make your visit to Lake Powell a fascinating adventure.

If you like to drive, Lee’s Ferry is the only natural corridor between Utah and Arizona, down the river from Glen Canyon Dam, where you can enjoy a drive. Otherwise, hike those remote canyons of the Orange Cliffs, or get ready for mountain biking through primitive roads of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

There are campgrounds and RV Park facilities featuring horseback riding, hunting and fishing activities, but keep in mind that temperatures at Lake Powell range from 110???ø Fahrenheit (38???ø C) in Summer to O???ø Fahrenheit (-16???ø C) in Winter so you can plan the best time for traveling.

Some people believe a desert-like destination may lack interesting activities, but all the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has plenty of recreational activities, including aerial tours, river running, rappelling, rock climbing, bird and animal watching.

However, you can enjoy activities like those of other tourist destinations, such as shopping, visiting museums, entertainment venues, or dinning at your hotel or bed and breakfast facility, or any local restaurant, most of them located in the city of Page, Arizona.

Page is Lake Powell’s residential area with a population of 8,000 inhabitants, offering world-class facilities to locals and visitors. There are numerous Marinas around this city, offering boat rentals, skiing, guided and educational tours, golfing, and many other activities.

One of the major attractions in Page is the John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum, housing photos, and memorabilia of Major Powell, the man after whom Lake Powell was named. This museum also showcases temporary exhibits such as “Discover Dinosaurs”.

Lake Powell is also the scene of diverse festivals and artistic events throughout the year, including the popular Pumpkin Festival, celebrated annually on Halloween’s eve.

When visiting the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, remember that several areas are governed by different rules and regulations and not all the places are designated “open” sites. As an example, camping is not allowed within archaeological areas and overnight backcountry use often requires a permit.

Lake Powell is also governed by different boating regulations, including those of Arizona, Utah, and the US Coast Guard. Sites like the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, in Utah, can only be accessed by boat and requires a permit from the Navajo Nation.

Wherever you go, a brand new experience awaits you at Lake Powell, where just one visit is never enough to discover the many attractions of this unique state-of-the-art destination.


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