A Visit to Amelia Island, Florida

When you hear the name Amelia Island, you most likely have a vision of an exotic, private getaway, complete with an isolated island covered in white beaches and surrounded with crystal blue waters. Well that is not the case with this particular island. Amelia Island, Florida is a small quaint place, approximately 18 square miles of space that is known for the slower pace of life there. Most find this the perfect place to live as you do not have the complications that city life has to offer.

There are no traffic jams, no congested living areas and no dinner or opera theaters. All of these city-life extras are just a short drive away, should the need arise for city living. This makes the island a perfect place for family getaways, making your trip a truly relaxing experience. You can focus on relaxing and having fun rather than trying to cram in all the shops you can while on vacation. The island has white sandy beaches on one side and you can drive completely through the island, not even knowing you were there while cruising the coast.

Amelia Island consists of three areas. The first area is Fernandina Beach, which is the north end of the city. Amelia Island is the middle section of the island and the third area is called Amelia Island Plantation. If you are looking for more modern and newer sites, you will want to visit the southern parts as the island was developed in a southern direction. The further south you travel on the island, the newer the sections. The third zone (southern part of the island) is perhaps the largest of the island with the resort, golf course and tennis facilities.

With its quiet, slower pace of life, the island still remains one of the hot spots for vacationers. Amelia Island, Florida offers no traffic, great fishing, beautiful beaches and a comfortable slower pace of life. Not much to offer in the way of employment, but the Island is conveniently located near Jacksonville and even Georgia which offer plenty of jobs and most find the commute is worth it to keep the simple life in place. Jacksonville is within 30 minutes of Amelia Island where you will find the international airport and all of the amenities of city life if that is what gives you a thrill.


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