A Soda in Logan?

In Central America there are little caf????????????s that are called soda????????s. They have great local food and it is indeed where the locals eat. Often, there are only four or five tables available. However, sometimes, you will find some with 15-20 tables. What is the draw of a soda?

The draw is simple, freshly cooked meals made to your order. Why do I bring this up for a town like Logan, Utah? Easy. I had some time to kill the other morning while I was waiting to rent a car from the local Avis office. First thought in my mind was to grab a doughnut from a local bakery. It was just a block away. I could grab a table and enjoy the morning with a couple of doughnuts and a refreshing drink.

However, while I was walking over, I got thinking about a good breakfast and something that would last a little longer than a doughnut. The doors to the Chispita Bakery were open, so I walked in. I wasn????????t sure if they served breakfast, but I was in luck. I was the only one inside and it was relaxing.

The owner brought me a menu and I had to order the huevos al gusto (ham, eggs, beans, tortillas and chips.) It was all cooked fresh and on the table in just a few minutes. Talk about a great choice. Don????????t get me wrong, I love doughnuts, but this was a very tasty alternative to the breakfast doughnut.

Why do I love eating at local places like this? They have fresh food; unique flavors; friendly; and, usually not very expensive.

If you want to visit Chispita Bakery, the address is 41 West 1000 North, Logan, Utah.


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