A Republic Limits Government; A Democracy Gives Unlimited Government

Americans are confused. The liberal media has led them to believe that America is a Democracy when it is actually a Republic. Many liberal Democrats and other progressives and socialists have sold Americans the idea that we are a democracy, when we are not. Watch this short movie for a clearer understanding of the political spectrum and the different types of government.

It is true we have democratic traditions and that the people share in the power to rule themselves through the elections. But, unlike a democracy with the unlimited power to vote for anything it wants and, thereby, enslave the workers to the whims of the masses, a republic is limited in its powers, the powers enumerated in its constitution. The U.S. Constitution has enumerated the few powers delegated by the people and the states to the Federal government. All other powers and rights are reserved for the states and the people.

The founders of this country did all they could to divide power between branches of government, between the states, and to the people so that power would not become concentrated the way it has today. They understood clearly that freedom,happiness, life, property rights, and economic prosperity depend upon having small government with limited powers. American's need to commit to this truth again today if they hope to see prosperity reborn here. That is the only answer to the muddle our country is currently in.

America has committed to spend money it doesn't have in order to fulfill the covetous wishes of half its people to receive an unending cornucopia of unearned benefits. It promises a socialist utopia that it can not fund. When you're in a hole, you must stop digging. You don't get out of debt by borrowing the money to make the payments. This insane spending that is meant to appease the mob is the very essence of mob rule or democracy. It is the predecessor of the rule of an oligarchy or of the elite few who will take charge after the "democracy" has destroyed itself through bankruptcy and the revolt of the masses. The ignorant masses are destroying our country in their desire to be taken care of at any expense and in their apathy in regards to how that largess is obtained and in their ignorance of the principals of freedom.

Drastically reduced government is the answer. Restore the republic to the limits enshrined in the Constitution. The people, the Congress, and the President must befriend the Constitution and stop ignoring it. They must reduce the government spending. As a result of that reduction, federal deficits will evaporate. Expect the individual and the family to become self reliant rather than dependent and they will get back to work. Stop stealing from some to give to others and motivation will return to the work place. Reduce the Federal Government to the powers enumerated in the Constitution and taxes can be reduced, capital will be rebuilt, deficits will disappear, and the economy will boom creating millions of jobs. Then people can get back to work and become self reliant again. Their self respect will return. The nation's wealth will expand, confidence will return, and America will, once again, be the envy of the world.

We don't make people stronger by doing everything for them as the socialist utopian dream promulgates (see: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Salt%20Lake%20City&st=Utah&article_id=1137). As the "democracy" votes itself unearned benefits it becomes dependent upon the so called government "tit". When the people become dependent they become weak and they make slaves of those that they depend upon. This is the essence of tyranny by the masses and is a fatal flaw of "democracy."

A Republic protects the rights of the individual, encourages voluntary cooperation, and provides for property rights. A Democracy sees no individual rights, believes in mob rule (or the collective will), and destroys all property rights and freedoms. If you have a little time, watch this movie which helps us to understand why the modern "collectivism" is so dangerous to freedom and why it results in tyranny.. It is well worth the time commitment required to view it:



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